The Steps to Recovery

There are many different factors contributing to addiction development. Nonetheless, these are the same five steps to recovery that everyone needs to follow. At the best drug rehab South Florida has to offer, you can embark on your journey to freedom from addiction.

Acknowledging the Problem

Acknowledging a substance abuse problem isn’t easy. Many people try to justify their drug or alcohol consumption or believe they can quit anytime, The reality is most people who think about whether they struggle with addiction probably already have one. Once you admit this, you can begin the recovery process.

Deciding to Seek Professional Support

Trying to get sober alone takes more than just willpower. Quitting cold turkey creates many health risks and is less successful than a comprehensive treatment approach with professional support. Rather than attempting to overcome addiction on your own, enlisting help is crucial. Therefore, many prospective patients begin this step by looking at various addiction treatment facilities and choosing one that fits their needs.

Completing Detox

Next, it’s time to complete a detox. This means you stop consuming drugs or alcohol and break free from your body’s chemical dependence. Typically, detox takes about a week, although the duration varies depending on your drug of choice. Once detox is complete, you can move on to drug or alcohol rehab.

Learning to Maintain Sobriety

Substance abuse treatment begins with the physical aspect of addiction, however, true recovery goes well beyond this phase. At a quality rehabilitation center, you’ll have access to diverse treatments which show you how to maintain lifelong sobriety.

There are countless evidence-based and holistic strategies that could be part of your treatment plan. Overall, a great rehab should offer all of the following approaches, strategies, and treatment methods:

Preparing for the Risk of Relapse

Relapse impacts more than half of people who achieve sobriety. If you don’t want to become another statistic, relapse prevention needs to be part of your treatment plan.

Above all, coping strategies can help patients learn how to overcome temptations and cravings. Creating a support network is also crucial when it comes to maintaining sobriety. Most importantly, patients need to accept that moderation isn’t impossible after addiction. Total sobriety is a requirement for true, lasting, and healthy recovery.

These steps to recovery showcase the best way to overcome addiction. For the best drug rehab in South Florida, consider 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach. Call (855) 425-4846 to learn more about how to create a treatment plan for your health, happiness, and lasting recovery.

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