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Does My ComPsych Policy Cover Addiction Treatment?

The journey to recovery from addiction can be very difficult at times. People who are working to overcome addiction often face challenges and obstacles as they move forward in their recovery efforts with one of the biggest obstacles being the financial component of treatment.

Many individuals feel that they will not be able to afford professional rehab. Not only can addiction treatment be expensive, but many people aren’t in the best financial situation thanks to their addiction.

Thankfully, addiction treatment in Florida is covered by insurance. If you have health insurance through ComPsych, you may find that your policy will offer coverage for some or all of the cost of rehab And, if you need help sorting through the details of your insurance plan we can help you do that at 1st Step Behavioral Health.

Our team works with most major insurance companies, therefore, helping our clients get coverage for the addiction treatment they deserve. We’ll help you work out the logistics of your treatment plan and your insurance coverage so that you can focus your attention on your well-being.

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About ComPsych

ComPsych is one of the largest employee assistance program (EAP) providers in the world. They offer EAP, wellness, and behavioral health services to thousands of organizations. While they don’t provide insurance coverage, they help you and your employer navigate your coverage and get the best deals possible.

Since ComPsych is an EAP provider, it works with companies to offer insurance benefits to employees. So, employees who may need care for addiction, mental health, behavioral health, or other needs can get the assistance they need through their employer’s partnership with ComPsych.

ComPsych offers coverage and benefits for addiction treatment, mental and behavioral health care, and more.

Does My Treatment Center Have to Be an In-Network Facility?

ComPsych works with employers and organizations to provide support and resources to employees who may be struggling with substance abuse or addiction issues. These services are often part of a broader EAP, which focuses on overall employee well-being and mental health.

ComPsych can help you find an in-network treatment provider. Treatment that is in-network with your insurance is more likely to be covered in your benefits package and will be offered at a lower rate than out-of-network treatment.

If you or someone you know is seeking drug rehab coverage or assistance, it’s essential to reach out to your employer or HR department to understand the specific services and benefits available through ComPsych’s EAP program, as well as your health insurance plan, to ensure you receive the appropriate support and coverage for substance abuse treatment.

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How ComPsych EAP Can Help You Get Treatment

ComPsych’s EAPs typically include a range of services related to substance abuse, including:

  • Assessment and Counseling – ComPsych provides confidential assessments and counseling services for employees who may be dealing with substance abuse issues. They can connect employees with trained counselors who can help assess their needs and provide guidance on the next steps.
  • Referrals – If an employee requires more intensive care or specialized treatment, ComPsych can provide referrals to reputable drug rehab facilities or treatment programs. These referrals are often tailored to the individual’s specific needs and preferences.
  • Education and Prevention – ComPsych also offers educational materials and programs to raise awareness about substance abuse and addiction. These resources help employees and their families understand the risks associated with drug and alcohol use and provide information on prevention and treatment options.
  • Support for Employers – ComPsych assists employers in managing and supporting employees who may be struggling with substance abuse. They can offer guidance on creating a supportive work environment and ensuring that employees receive the help they need.

It’s important to note that the extent and specifics of these services may vary depending on the specific ComPsych EAP program offered by an employer. Coverage for drug rehab services, such as inpatient treatment or outpatient counseling, is typically part of an employee’s health insurance plan rather than the EAP itself. In some cases, ComPsych may help employees navigate their health insurance to access drug rehab services.

Navigating Your Health Insurance Through ComPsych

In many cases, ComPsych can assist employees in navigating their health insurance plans to access drug rehab services. This might involve verifying coverage, clarifying copays or deductibles, and facilitating the connection between the employee and treatment providers. This additional support can be crucial in ensuring that individuals receive the appropriate coverage and care for substance abuse treatment.

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, we also work closely with ComPsych and other EAPs to provide individuals with the holistic, all-encompassing support they need.

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Get the Help You Deserve

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Your successful recovery is important to us and it’s our mission to meet your needs as you work to gain freedom from substance abuse. You don’t have to let the fear of treatment or concerns about finances prevent you from taking a step in the right direction. Contact us today by calling or texting (855) 425-4846. Let us walk with you as you begin moving toward a new and healthier life!

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