Admissions Process

We make starting your recovery quick and easy. It all starts with a phone call.

admissions process

1. Make the Call

When you’re struggling with addiction, asking for help is the first step toward getting treatment. However, asking for help isn’t easy to do; it takes immense strength and courage. Whenever you’re ready to begin, our admissions team is here to help you get started. Call (855) 425-4846 to start the admissions process and one of our compassionate admissions coordinators will take your call.

making the phone call for rehab admissions
verifying insurance for rehab admissions

2. Insurance Verification

Have your insurance information ready when you call. Dealing with insurance can be a hassle, but we’ll take care of that part for you. When you call, an admissions counselor will verify your benefits and coordinate with your insurance company to help you understand your coverage. Depending on your plan and your benefits, some or all of your treatment may be covered by insurance.

3. Initial Assessment

After your insurance coverage is determined, we’ll continue with an initial assessment. This involves getting an idea of your current situation, what your treatment needs may be, and what goals you’d like to achieve. The initial assessment helps our team determine whether or not our program can help you, and if so, what program best suits your needs. Everyone is different, so we’ll tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

initial assessment for addiction treatment
intake and assessment

4. Intake and Evaluation

Once your assessment is complete, you’ll schedule a time and date for intake. When you arrive at our facility, we’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation that digs deeper into your substance abuse, mental health, and treatment needs so we can design a custom treatment plan for you. After you’re admitted to the facility, your treatment will begin, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Recovery Begins with the First Step

1st Step Behavioral Health is a licensed dual-diagnosis long-term care facility, Accredited by the Joint Commission. We focus on physiological rebalancing of the individual through medical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual care.

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