Drug Detox Center in Florida

1st Step’s drug detox center safely helps people suffering from substance abuse navigate through the recovery process, including experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, resulting from habitual use of drugs and alcohol.

Drug and alcohol detox (informally referred to as drug and alcohol detoxification) is an intervention in the case of physical dependence to a drug or alcohol, the practice of various medical treatments for symptoms of withdrawal.

Individuals who have been habitually using alcohol or drugs for a period of time will develop a chemical dependency, and it can be dangerous to try detox without medical assistance. The body and brain build up compensating measures when using certain drugs and alcohol, and simply stopping “cold turkey” can potentially cause seizure, respiratory depression and stroke.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to reach out for more information on the steps you can take.

Deciding on Drug and Alcohol Detox Center Programs

A thorough drug and alcohol detox center program preceding a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program ensures the process of recovering from addiction will have a lasting and significant effect. For someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol, the psychological burden of detoxification and sobriety can be overwhelming.

Not only is there a fear of losing the crutch of the drug or alcohol itself, but also the potentially undesirable physical, emotional, and mental effects of withdrawal. The physical aspects of addiction need to be addressed, the body reestablishing a balance, before more intense therapies can begin. Often the drug detox process includes medication to manage dangerous and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, making the transition safer and more tolerable. Drug detox medications can be administered both on inpatient and outpatient basis, through medical supervision.

Amongst other practical medications for detox, 1st Step Behavioral Health utilizes the Suboxone Medication Therapy, which may run anywhere from 7-14 days, depending on opiate use during clients active addiction.

1st Step’s Drug Detox Program

1st Step Behavioral Health’s drug detox center offers treatment for various substances of abuse, available for each client. Each individual plan is personalized and formulated according to the information collected from a Comprehensive Nursing Assessment and Evaluation, admission urine drug screen, History & Physical Assessment, Initial Psychiatric Evaluation, Clinical Interview and the intake process.

Our clients are assigned a primary counselor that works with them to assess their needs throughout treatment. Both client and clinician work together to develop the Individualized Treatment Plan. Clients and their counselor will also conduct on-going reviews of their Treatment Plan to assess the client’s progress, or re-direct client should they demonstrate any regression.

The detoxification process will address the physical aspect of addiction, but it will most often takes months for the brain to return to normal healthy functioning. In addition to this, addiction tends to be more than simply a physical dependency, and the psychological aspects of why a person developed a problem with drugs and/or alcohol need to be addressed after a drug detox program is complete. 1st Step offers a comprehensive recovery plan and treatment available to transition individuals who complete detox into the next phase necessary to ensure their ability to remain drug free.

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How 1st Step’s Drug Detox Program Can Help You

To put it simply, detox or detoxification is a process that enables the body get rid of chemicals and drugs. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of detoxification is to manage withdrawal symptoms safely when a drug addict stops taking alcohol or drugs.

Every individual goes through a different experience at the start of the detoxification process. According to our medical professionals at 1st Step Behavioral Health Centre, the reason behind different experiences is the type of drug and how long an addict has been using it.

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, we introduce different medications through various treatments only after conducting a comprehensive patient assessment. Plus, the patient’s drug history and psychiatric evaluation help our clinicians suggest the right detox treatment plan. The chosen plan and medication support recovering addicts and help them stay sober. There is a plethora of cases in which drug addicts couldn’t cope up with the overwhelming withdrawal symptoms.

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, our clinicians administer suitable detox medication to help keep recovering addicts feel comfortable while drugs are being removed from their body. However, it is important to remember that there is no predetermined time for withdrawal process and they can manifest anytime.

It may take weeks and months to get rid of withdrawal symptoms in most cases. Typically, the length of detoxification process depends on numerous factors that include:

  • Drug or substance that a patient is addicted to
  • How long the patient was addicted
  • Severity of the symptoms
  • Method of abuse (injection, swallowing, snorting, and smoking)
  • The amount of drug the addict used at one time
  • Medical condition
  • Family history
  • Genetic makeup
  • Underlying physical and mental health conditions

Process of Drug Detox Program

Since the needs of every drug addict are different, the process of drug detox program at 1st Step Behavioral Health helps recovering addicts get a personalized treatment. In most cases, clinicians take three steps.

Physical and Psychiatric Evaluation

Medical teams at 1st Step Behavioral Health screen patients for their mental and physical issues. A blood test is conducted to measure the amount of drug in the patients system. The step is very helpful in determining the level of medication a patient needs.

At this same level, a comprehensive review of psychiatric and drug history is conducted for a long-term individualized treatment plan.


Clinicians provide psychological and medical therapy in this step to prevent harm to the patient. Doctors prescribe medication for addiction treatment to ease withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications.

Detox Preparation

In the third step our doctors prepare patients for treatment program by familiarizing them with the process. It provides a great chance to discuss the side effects and expectations from the detox drug treatment process.

Inpatient rehab has better chances of recovery after detox treatment. As treatment is conducted under the medical supervisions at 1st Step Behavioral Health, patients detox in a comfortable and safe environment. The extent of medical supervision can be different for outpatient rehab programs.

Reviewed for Medical & Clinical Accuracy by Brittany Polansky, MSW, LCSW

Brittany has been working in behavioral health since 2012 and is the Assistant Clinical Director at our facility. She is an LCSW and holds a master’s degree in social work. She has great experience with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health diagnoses as well as various therapeutic techniques. Brittany is passionate about treating all clients with dignity and respect, and providing a safe environment where clients can begin their healing journey in recovery.