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Our active alumni community is dedicated to helping individuals thrive in all phases of their recovery.

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First Step’s Supportive Alumni Community

Your recovery journey doesn’t end when you complete your treatment program. One of the best ways to sustain sobriety after rehab is to be a part of a supportive alumni community. At 1st Step, our alumni program exists to offer our clients resources and peer support to help them enjoy sobriety and maintain their recovery.

Whether you seek guidance during challenging times, want to give back by helping others, or simply wish to stay connected with others who understand your journey, our program offers a welcoming environment where you can thrive. Our alumni are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and empowering space for individuals in all stages of recovery.

alumni services
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The Importance of Alumni Support in Recovery

Recovery from addiction is not just about completing a treatment program; it’s an ongoing journey that requires long-term support, understanding, and peer connection. This is where alumni support comes into play—a community of individuals who have walked the same path as you, faced similar challenges as you did in your addiction, and emerged stronger on the other side of addiction.

Addiction can be isolating, but with the support of other alumni, you’re never alone in your recovery. Alumni support provides a unique space where individuals in recovery who have completed treatment at 1st Step can find understanding and empathy. This shared understanding of addiction and recovery promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance, creating an environment that furthers healing.

Additionally, alumni programs often offer various useful resources that can help you achieve personal growth. Whether it’s through mentorship programs, educational workshops, or volunteering opportunities, our alumni can continue evolving, learning, and contributing positively to their communities and their peers. These resources help reinforce sobriety and propel personal development as a sober individual.

Our Alumni Program

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, we’re extremely proud of our large and active alumni community. Individuals who attend our drug and alcohol rehab programs have the option to participate in alumni events, including meetings, celebrations, community outings, and more.

Little Alumni Meeting: Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope

Organized and run by 1st Step alumni themselves, the weekly Little Alumni meeting gives individuals an opportunity to listen to the stories of others, witnessing each other’s experience, strength, and hope. Access to weekly support from like-minded individuals is an immensely valuable part of recovery. Little Alumni is also a great way to stay connected with our alumni members and staff.

Big Alumni Meeting: Celebrating Milestones

At our monthly Big Alumni meeting, we invite alumni, their friends, and family to spend time celebrating yearly milestones in sobriety. Celebrants can pick up a medallion and be recognized by alumni, providing newcomers with the hope that they too can stay sober.

Sober Fun: Recreational and Team-Building Activities

Our alumni program isn’t all meetings; it’s also fun and fellowship. Between softball games against other alumni programs, regular game nights, and community outings, our alumni have numerous opportunities to fellowship with one another, establish relationships, obtain support, and learn how to have fun in recovery.

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More Alumni Activities

Other activities enjoyed by our alumni include:

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Sporting events
  • Trips to the zoo
  • Halloween costume party
  • Christmas festivities
  • Local events

Start Your Journey and Join Our Active Alumni Community

There are only two requirements to join our alumni: be willing to get sober and attend treatment at 1st Step. The moment you walk through our doors, our compassionate alumni will welcome you with open arms, ready to support you every step of the way. To learn more about our addiction recovery programs or to get started with a confidential, risk-free assessment, please contact us today.

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