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Overcoming an addiction is hard work. In order to find lasting recovery, finding the best medical professionals in a comprehensive rehab program is necessary. First Step Behavioral Health can help you find true, lasting sobriety.


Our active alumni community is one of the reasons 1st Step stands apart from the rest. We understand the journey to recovery doesn’t end after treatment—it’s a lifelong commitment. Our alumni receive ongoing support, resources, and events designed to promote recovery and well-being. Through continued engagement and peer support, we empower our alumni to sustain their recovery and inspire others who are on the same path.


At 1st Step, we honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans. We recognize the unique challenges they face and provide specialized programs and therapies designed to address their needs, including mental health treatment and trauma-informed care. Our dedicated staff offers comprehensive support and understanding to help our heroes reclaim their lives beyond addiction.


We recognize the importance of utilizing the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) so our clients can get the treatment they deserve. That’s why we collaborate with FMLA, ensuring individuals have access to the care they need without compromising the status of their employment. We work with individuals and their employers to facilitate a smooth transition into treatment and back to work.


Our team understands that addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones. As a result, our programs include family therapy and education to address the impact of addiction on families and loved ones. We provide a supportive environment where families can heal from addiction, learn how to improve their lives, and rebuild relationships while supporting their loved one’s recovery journey.

Case Management

Our dedicated case management team works tirelessly to provide personalized care plans for each individual. They collaborate with clients, their families, and other professionals to ensure a holistic approach to recovery. Our case managers are the link between our clients and the various resources available, guiding them through their journey to lasting sobriety and addressing aspects of care that therapists cannot, including finances and legal.

Client Testimonials

From the first second I called, I felt more at ease than I ever had before. As a mother of an addict, the call is never easy and I had done it several times before. My son was in and out of several treatment facilities; 4 or 5 as I remember. None of them can compare to 1st Step and their incredible staff.

Andrea B.

As a former client at First Step Behavioral Health, my experiences have been a growing, eye opening one to say the least. This place helped to break down my underlying issues and support me in building myself back up. From the tech staff to the clinical team, the help provided is incredible.

Kevin W. Former Client

Constant relapses and close calls with death had our family so disheartened as to wondering if our daughter would ever recover. Until we found 1st Step. Not only is she thriving now, but our entire family was educated on the whole disease process of addiction and how important it is to give the right kind of support.

Michael M. Family Member/Friend of Client

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