Recovery from addiction is a lifelong practice that can be found to be draining at times. The constant psychological and physical toll that fighting one’s urges takes can wear one down, making an addict more at risk of relapse. While many feel guilty when providing self care, remember that it is imperative to a rewarding recovery. Taking time to ensure that one feels safe, whole, complete, and content during recovery is of great importance and can make the road to recovery considerably more successful.

Basic Human Needs

Rehabilitation is such a large and all encompassing act that many addicts forget to take care of their most basic needs. To heal psychologically the body must also be adequately cared for to thrive.

  • Sleep– be sure to get plenty of sleep. Try to keep a regular and consistent sleep and wake schedule to reap the most benefits.
  • Eat– eat regularly and choose healthy, balanced, nutritious meals. Skipping meals can lead to overeating and discomfort later.
  • Exercise– spend time doing an activity you like; a trail hike, walk around the neighborhood, gardening, or playing with dogs at an animal shelter are all great ways to boost a mood while maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • Hygiene– bathe or shower regularly. It may seem trying at times, but one always feels better after showering. Brush and floss, wash your hands, and take care of your body.

Psychological Needs

An addict cannot be successful in recovery without taking care of their psyche. So much of addiction is in the brain and psychological and it is important to ensure these aspects are cared for as well.

  • Keep appointments– with your doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor.
  • Take your medicine– as it is prescribed, and tell a health professional if you are having any side effects or you feel at risk of abusing your medications. Refill your medication on time to avoid missing a dose.
  • Practice acceptance– understand that some things are beyond your control and let them go. Don’t engage in negative reaffirmations. Focus on the positive.
  • Do something you love– watch a favorite movie, read a great book, explore a new coffee shop, or engage in a creative art.

Self Care Success

Share your self care plans with others for accountability and to ensure success. This will also let people know that a sober lifestyle is important to you. Once self care becomes second nature it will be easy to recognize that it makes the road to recovery less daunting and far more rewarding.

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