Outpatient rehab in Pompano is substantially different than inpatient drug treatment because people going through one of our outpatient programs can leave the rehab center whenever there is any kind of time that doesn’t have a group meeting, therapy, doctor appointment, or anything else done on site that’s scheduled for you to participate in. Otherwise, outpatient rehab can be a lifesaver for those who need professional help quitting an addiction while also having responsibilities like caring for children, working, and going to school.

Detox First – Outpatient Care Later

Even if you would prefer to go through outpatient care at the rehab center in Pompano, if you need to go through detox, you will still spend at least a few days on site to get all the drugs and alcohol out of your system.

If you are dedicated to only using rehab services as long as they’re in an outpatient setting, you can actually conduct your own detox to avoid being needing to sleep at the facility. However, depending on the drugs or alcohol you are addicted to,  the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms and addiction to the substance or substances can vary. For some substances and addictions, detoxing without medical supervision can dangerous. If a rehab center staff member or on-site doctor recommends you go through detox in their facility, you should seriously consider doing so despite wanting to only go through outpatient care – that detox period can make a big difference to the overall success of your rehab.

Building a Support Network

Though you won’t be sleeping at the rehab center, you will still meet and talk about things with other people who are going through similar situations as you. These people can become good friends over time and may be a shoulder to lean on when you have cravings for drugs or alcohol that feel like they are too strong to handle.on your own. .

If you’re looking for more information about outpatient rehab in Pompano or you have questions about the rehab programs at First Step Behavioral Health, reach out to us the moment you have a chance to give us a call.

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