Luxury rehab is an idea created by people who have themselves struggled with drug or alcohol addiction. They know the energy and intensity of emotion that addiction treatment can require. Their ability to empathize with those still at the beginning of their road to recovery has allowed them to curate a better rehab experience for patients as well as a higher success rate, because of an attention to a patient’s personal details and dual diagnosis when creating a treatment plan. The comfortable aspects of our luxury rehab facility for those who’ve found themselves addicted to all manner of substances allows patients fewer everyday stressors to worry about.

Individuals who have the option to be treated for addiction or mental health issues at a luxury rehab facility, still often feel that taking that first step towards recovery is extremely difficult. As you can imagine, these people are not searching for a rehab center to fit within a certain means, in fact they if they are searching for help, it means their addiction or mental health issues stem way beyond money. And therefore, it is important to provide the types of comfort and support that can make such a transition easier. 

Individualized treatment is a very important part of luxury rehab centers. It is essentially truly personalized care that takes into account each individuals unique character, mental health, physical health, personality, addiction history, family history, and overall wants and needs to create a multi-faceted rehabilitation plan. There is no “typical” type of treatment for individuals in a luxury rehab, however there are few examples of the type of care you can expect. 

  • High staff to client ratio
  • Confidential treatment
  • Luxury level spa
  • 5 star chef
  • Medically supervised detox
  • Evidence based group therapy

We go above and beyond fulfilling not only basic needs, but creature comforts as well. This level of comfort allows the patient full freedom to deal with the hard stuff and not wind up frustrated into relapse due to poor accommodations or staff members who aren’t well suited to caring for others. It’s a dream opportunity to focus in on the difficult trauma that a patient has likely never had the skills, tools, or access to enough genuine compassionate support to process before. It is absolutely a privilege to have access to services of this caliber, and those who can access them should take advantage of the opportunity they have been afforded in receiving the best rehab treatment programs available in Florida.

Having struggled through his own devastating addiction to crack cocaine before spearheading programs to help addicts like himself recover from addiction, Richard Taite’s ideas on luxury rehab have shown to be incredibly effective in breaking an unwanted dependency. Lavish recovery programs like those offered by 1st Step Behavioral Health have worked successfully on many affluent people who found themselves addicted to some substance or another. 

He spoke with Forbes Magazine in a 2012 interview about the strategies and goals behind luxury rehab. Those methods are a part of a more modern sort of rehab experience. Luxury rehab programs like those offered by 1st Step Behavioral Health offer sensitive VIP guests an atmosphere more accustomed to their lifestyle, strict anonymity adherence, and attention to a recovery created with an emphasis on dual diagnosis treatment. This is built to be as comfortable as possible with a focus on being a true home away from home. However, in the aforementioned interview, Taite noted that this opulence in recovery was created out of necessity. He argued that if you can keep someone comfortable instead of springing every change on them at once, they’re just more likely to succeed. The luxury rehab mentality is that you have to win the trust and heart of an addict before you can help them change and heal. You take things gradually. Taking away simple luxuries can be jarring, and can reroute energy from what could be healing and away to despair and wanting to leave the facility.


Not everyone thinks this kind of luxury is either necessary or functional for rehabilitation success. Indeed, there are those who would say that luxury rehab is merely a service to those with drug or alcohol addiction and instead gives the patient the wrong idea of what substance abuse treatment will be like.

Some people believe it belies the sheer grit that it takes to make it through such an intense experience, one that doesn’t pull punches, and indeed asks you to look at it square, as you endure the pain. In the face of such skeptics, proponents of luxury rehab treatment centers note that their patients are often highly visible to the public eye. The high probability that a celebrity struggling with addiction leads to the need for a treatment facility with higher security and privacy standards. Likewise, those who are more attuned to a life of comfort will often arrive at the rehab center with far more luggage than other patients, which is fine as there is much more space to accommodate luxury rehab patients’ needs. It should be noted that luxury rehab services should not be seen to in any way diminish the treatment other rehab patients receive. This style of rehab simply affords additional comforts to those who opt in for luxury addiction treatment. However, more than just for high profile patients, it could be argued that these methods are more than just about attempting to mend some PR disaster leading to celebrity and executive rehab.

“It’s funny,” Taite told Forbes. “The therapists I interviewed and who toured the site, were disgusted by having a flat-screen in every room. I said to them, ‘You want me to teach these people how to fall asleep in 30 days?’ If you’re a therapist with little experience, you don’t know addicts. An addict doesn’t know how to fall asleep: he passes out.  If I can help him pass out watching MSNBC on a big-screen TV, instead of using his drug of choice, then we’re doing pretty good.”

Luxury treatment means something different to different patients. The team at 1st Step Behavioral Health understands that therapy from licensed and experienced therapists is paramount in helping clients get to the roots of their addictions so the addict can begin a journey that addresses much more than just immediate issues. We help patients minimize their addiction in ways that teach them to handle both their previous problems and future stressors. That being said, these luxury rehab services work to ensure the patient has as few present-moment issues to contend with at any given time.


Luxury Rehab takes into account how difficult the journey from the throes of addiction, drug and alcohol addiction treatment and all the way through to recovery, actually is. luxury rehab centers like it have gained much success and popularity because of their attention to people’s mental health and how it so thoroughly affects their addiction.  So much drug and alcohol addiction has, at its core, some kind of trauma from the past, often from childhood, resulting in a dual diagnosis.

Dual Diagnosis is when a person has a mental health diagnosis like bipolar disorder or deep depression, as well as an alcohol or drug addiction. The two diagnoses feed off of each other and if each is not treated individually and thoroughly, it is likely that they will continue to bolster the effects and progression of the other diagnosis. 

It is very common that people will enter into rehab with a co-occurring condition (dual diagnosis) and they will only be treated for the addiction. Mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and trauma related mental illnesses are not noticable until the person has an episode. This is also what makes luxury treatment attractive as individuals have more individualized attention and therefore they are comprehesively treated for all issues. If they have never been diagnosed before a mental illness, there is little chance a mental professional will miss the signs in this heavily monitored environment.

Taite told Forbes that what luxury rehab is prioritizing is trying “to create a shift in..clients’ heads so that [their] existence is no longer driven by the trauma, the anxiety of your past. Everything in your childhood, every story you developed when you were 8 is now running your 45-year-old life and creating wreckage. A lot of these high-functioning guys don’t have the tools; that’s why they use. Once you replace the trauma and the stories with the truth, you realize what’s real and what’s not. We addicts have a built-in forgetter, however, so you have to do constant maintenance and constant reminding.”


Taking into account more than just the biological symptoms of addiction is a more advanced form of addiction treatment, it offers the patient something more. Like Taite told Forbes magazine, a high percentage of addiction is driven by developmental trauma. The kind of trauma that often results in PTSD, aggravated depression, and a struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Addicts are searching for a place to rest. Drugs and alcohol often give them a distraction from their emotional or physical suffering. Depending on the drug it could replace their pain with a sense of euphoria or subdue it by reducing certain body functions, like slowing down heart rate and respiratory systems.  

Addicts have a lot of hard work to do. The detox process alone draws out what can often be withdrawal symptoms that are a trauma all in their own right, not to mention the intensity of the psychological challenge that luxury rehab is asking patients to take up. Because luxury rehab slowly asks their patients to deal with the deepest parts of what makes up who they are and what has shaped them emotionally and actionably, detox and rehab can be almost a source of torture to someone going through so very much at once.  With their trauma and struggling through whatever grief or self hatred, shame or fighting whatever kind of emotional ghost that haunts them can present intense emotional work and in turn absolute exhaustion.

 Luxury drug rehab centers offer patients comfort and safety and peace. These are the necessary elements you would ask an addicts family member to offer a patient in support of their recovery. Luxury Rehab strives to be the support network that drug rehab centers have always promised they would be.


If you are in the Florida area and you wish you could attend the kind of luxury rehab that would appeal to Kourtney Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Ben Affleck, Elizabeth Vargas, Miley Cyrus, Jon Hamm, or any other celebrity who got help to put their life back on track with excellence in rehab services, you’re in luck! Our rehab facilities in Florida offer all the luxurious comforts you need to undergo the very hard work that is detox and rehabilitation. It may end up being somewhat intense for those who’ve never experienced withdrawal symptoms before. Rehab should be experienced in comfort with patients surrounded by a knowledgeable and qualified staff dedicated to comfort and sobriety. That’s precisely what you will find for yourself or a loved one when receiving treatment here at 1st Step Behavioral Health. Call us today to learn more.

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