Every addiction is unique. This means drug rehab must be unique to the individual as well. Fortunately, many rehab centers customize treatment plans according to individual needs. More specifically, rehabs in Florida offer diverse programs and therapies to meet these specific needs.

Drug Rehab Programs

Overall, most rehab centers offer two main drug treatment programs. These include inpatient and outpatient treatment. In these programs, patients learn about addiction, address the cause of it, and learn skills to avoid relapse. Despite their similar goals, they have their differences. These are important to be aware of.

Inpatient programs require living at the rehab center for the duration of treatment. In order to completely remove you from drug influences continuous supervision is necessary. Therefore, an inpatient program is best for moderate to severe addictions. However, there are other effective addiction treatment programs that don’t fall into this category.

For example, outpatient programs allow you to live at home while receiving treatment. You’ll visit the rehab center on certain days for specific treatment sessions. Ultimately, this strategy gives you more flexibility. You’ll be able to continue your career, education, and family obligations while receiving necessary help.

Additionally, aftercare is an important part of treatment following an inpatient or outpatient program. For example, sober living can be a successful aftercare program. Bridging the gap between inpatient care by helping you return to everyday life is beneficial to your continued sobriety. Other aftercare options include private therapy and support group meetings.

Therapies in Drug Rehab

The therapies you participate in during treatment differ from your peers’. Rehab centers use comprehensive therapy methods in individual, group, and family sessions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common substance abuse treatment method. It involves replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. This encourages positive behaviors which lead to better decision-making skills. Above all, cognitive behavioral therapy helps you avoid drug-use triggers.

Additionally, rehab centers may use motivational enhancement therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and experiential therapy. Each of these takes a different, effective approach to treating drug addiction problems.

Above all, rehab centers take a whole-person approach to treatment. Many offer holistic therapy methods. For example, these include acupuncture, massage, meditation, and yoga. By helping you relax, these therapeutic methods encourage your body to heal itself. Holistic methods also include art, music, equine therapy, and outdoor activities.

Rehabs in Florida Can Help You Overcome Addiction

If you have a drug problem and want help, 1st Step Behavioral Health offers comprehensive treatment in Pompano Beach. With a variety of addiction programs and therapies, we’ll help you reach successful sobriety. These include:

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