It’s never a good idea to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only does it endanger you, it also puts other people at risk. In addition, it’s illegal and could jeopardize your future. Learn more about DUI vs DWI, the risks of both, and how to permanently overcome substance abuse.

DUI vs DWI: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the differences between a DUI and a DWI is tricky. Technically, a DUI stands for driving under the influence. On the other hand, a DWI means driving while impaired or driving while intoxicated.

Some states simplify both into one term. However, in other states, the terms DUI and DWI refer to slightly different crimes. If you get a DUI, this might mean your blood alcohol content, or BAC was over the legal limit. Even so, if you drive while under the influence of drugs, you run the risk of getting either a DUI or DWI.

The Risks of Driving Under the Influence

It’s impossible to overstate the danger of driving under the influence. Doing this risks your health, freedom, and future, not to mention the lives of your loved ones, other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. By driving under the influence, you may be selfishly endangering hundreds of people.

As mentioned before, driving under the influence is a serious threat to your own safety as well. When drunk, drivers have a much slower response time. Therefore, if you’re in an accident, you could veer off the road and suffer life-threatening injuries.

Additionally, you could transfer these risks to your passengers. Other drivers on the road might also suffer from your poor choice. Anyone cycling, walking, or jogging near your moving vehicle could also be at risk.

If the police arrest you for driving under the influence, you could lose your license. Even worse, you might pay a serious fine or go to jail. Most importantly, if you harm another person while driving under the influence, it could mean a lifetime in prison.

Safely Overcoming an Alcohol or Drug Addiction

If you’ve ever had a DWI or a DUI, you’re likely abusing substances. Conquering alcoholism or drug addiction isn’t easy. Above all, it takes professional medical support and expert advice. At 1st Step Behavioral Health, patients fight back against drug and alcohol addiction.

To achieve recovery, the best strategy involves diverse, comprehensive treatment methods. The most effective methods we offer include:

DUI vs DWI varies from state to state. However, both have severe consequences. Eliminate them altogether with the proper addiction treatment at 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida. Don’t run the risk of getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. The consequences and ramifications are earth shattering. Call (855) 425-4846 today to permanently transform yourself for the better.

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