Is Drug Rehab Effective?

Drugs are insidious. When an addiction gets into a person’s head, the pleasure and relief felt by the chemical rush leaves subtle barriers in its wake. Thoughts like “Why do I need to quit if this makes me feel good?” begin to slip in, and even if the addict understands intellectually that what they’re doing is bad, even the guilt won’t be enough to make them stop. However, rehab is not only available, but it is also just as effective as any other medical practice. Broward County drug rehab options, as well as rehab at other south Florida rehab clinics are some of the best in the country, and there’s really no reason not to use what’s there.So people who are addicted, don’t be scared to seek help. The only things you have to lose are your chains.


What Rehab Provides

One of the key things that rehab treatment offers is medical help and expertise. Even during the detox stage, which is possible even without medical care immediately available, going forward with medical assistance can make the experience of quitting an addiction much more manageable. However, the most helpful part of the rehab process is the part that comes after detox, rehabilitation.


Counseling Services

Once the physical addiction is beaten, and the mental part of the addiction is beaten, there is a final hurdle, which carries on in perpetuity. The experience of having been a person who took drugs and felt good is a complex psychological wound, and one of the best ways to treat this affliction is with the help of counseling. There are several ways to go about counseling, with one of the most famous ones being group therapy. Group therapy will provide plenty of support by surrounding people in recovery with others who know the same sort of pain. It’s remarkably efficient too, to have fellow addicts help each other. And if group therapy isn’t attractive, then professional counsellors are also well-trained to help those trying to keep clean.


Addiction is tough, so if you or someone you know need help to beat addiction, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.


Talking to Your Parents About Drug Rehab

In the mid 90s, Oxycontin was just released and it was being pushed hard as a less addictive painkiller. Come nearly 30 years later, it turns out that opioids were far less harmless than advertised. In the current day, Americans are aware of just how destructive opioid abuse can be. However, one of the biggest casualties of the opioid crisis is the toll it has taken on the older generation. It is difficult to confront the people who raised you and the rest of your generation, but sometimes, a direct approach is necessary to save them from a crippling addiction.



First of all, in order to get a parent into rehab, you need to convince them to do so. Gone are the days where a person can drag another person to an asylum and they’re stuck there. Going into rehab must be a voluntary choice. There are a couple of paths that can be taken to get them into rehab of their own volition. First, don’t count on rock bottom to get them moving; if you can convince them before they hit their lowest point, then that’s better for them. Second, there are ways to get the idea of medical detox into someone’s head without directly trying to talk them into it, such as asking them what their life was like before the drugs, or if they’ve taken any steps to take fewer drugs.


Support Structure

Once the parent has managed to get into rehab, the after care is especially important. While they won’t need affirmations every hour of the day, it is important that they know that their decision to go into rehab had positive effects on the family. It’s also important not to be too judgmental on them as well. A parent’s pride can be easily wounded by a child who’s too overbearing or coddling, so try not to treat them too differently. Also, it’s important that they not be in the same kind of situation that they were before they got into rehab, so make sure their surroundings won’t make them try to go back into the habit.


If you have a parent or know someone with a parent who is addicted to chemical substances and are near Ft. Lauderdale, contact us right away.

What Happens to People in Rehab?

Modern evidence-based rehab comes in many forms. Many different programs are available, designed to support differing personal needs. Depending on the severity of an addiction a recovering person hospitalization with 24×7 care may be required. Other people may find less intensive outpatient options to be best.

One thing the programs have in common is a compassionate understanding that drug and alcohol addiction are beatable diseases.


The General Process

The first step is actually getting there. Usually intake starts with a phone conversation to decide if you or your loved one is a good fit for a particular program. Honesty is very important here.

Next up generally is supervised detox. Withdrawing from abused substances can have extreme side effects. Trained doctors and nurses can help a recovering person overcome what they could not on their own.


During Rehab

Once in a rehab program there are numerous activities designed to provide the tools necessary for recovery. There are recovery meetings, group therapy work, therapy sessions, and checkups from doctors. Sometimes there are also other activities such as yoga as well as time for journaling or reflection. These activities occur in safe alcohol and drug-free environments.

Treatment is not designed to be limited to time specifically in rehab. This is a time where one is meant to be developing the tools necessary for a recovered lifestyle. This new lifestyle will be dramatically different from the old one. Such change doesn’t come easily, but it doesn’t have to be done alone.


Relapse Prevention

Rehab doesn’t have to end at the release from an inpatient or outpatient program. Several options for continued work are listed here. Some of these include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Addiction therapy
  • Sober living

One of the most important goals of rehab is to find new methods of coping in your clean lifestyle. A good rehab program will help you rediscover old interests you may have neglected or find new ones!


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