Receive Behavioral Health Treatment at a Florida Drug Rehab Center

Receive Behavioral Health Treatment at a Florida Drug Rehab Center

Receive Behavioral Health Treatment at a Florida Drug Rehab CenterBehavioral and mental health disorders aren’t simply mood swings or “not feeling right,” but actual medical conditions that consistently affect patients’ emotions, thoughts and moods. Such behavioral health conditions make it difficult for those affected to deal with mundane tasks and relationships or interactions with other people. Many times people suffering from these conditions end up self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. The only adequate answer for the medical condition of addiction is professional treatment, such as Florida drug rehab.

When mental or behavioral health issues coincide with addiction, it’s known as co-occurring disorders, or a dual diagnosis. At a Florida drug rehab such as 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, dual diagnosis treatment is one of the top specialties. Many times those with co-occurring disorders don’t get the help they need as their mental issue becomes secondary to the addiction issue. Both conditions need to be treated simultaneously for the best results.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment at a Florida Drug Rehab Center

At 1st Step Behavioral Health’s Florida drug rehab, dual diagnosis is an important part of the initial assessment and eventual treatment plan. Addiction to drugs or alcohol and mental disorders both affect the brain and cause changes that interfere with daily tasks and personal interactions. In some cases, patients become addicted to certain substances when they attempt to self-medicate a mental illness. In other cases, addiction to drugs or alcohol can make an underlying mental illness worse, or even cause a mental illness due to the way these substances change the brain.

Regardless of whether the mental illness or addiction came first, both can be treated at a Florida drug rehab such as 1st Step Behavioral Health. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is extremely difficult to overcome alone and it’s even harder when an underlying or present mental illness is triggering or exacerbating the addiction.

Some potential co-occurring disorders include attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, bi-polar and anxiety among others. There are also cases where patients suffer from anxiety and depression that’s directly caused by the substance abuse and often resolves after a medical detox and treatment program.

Choosing a Level of Care at a Florida Drug Rehab Center

Once you have made the decision to attend a Florida drug rehab such as 1st Step Behavioral Health, the next decision is the level of care. Upon coming to 1st Step Behavioral Health for treatment, you will undergo an assessment, and detox or a level of care may be recommended at that time. However, ultimately the level of care you choose is your decision as it may need to meld with your lifestyle. The ideal model of addiction treatment is a step-down level of care where patients start with the most intense level of treatment and graduate to less intense as they show signs of recovery.

Inpatient treatment is most often recommended for people who have a long history of addiction and/or serious co-occurring disorders that require professional treatment. These patients may need constant supervision to ensure that they stay sober and also for their physical well-being. Those with less severe or lengthy histories of addiction may opt for an outpatient level of care such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient or general outpatient. With these programs, you spend a certain amount of time at the treatment center, but have the freedom to return to your home and life after hours.

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