What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment at 1st Step Behavioral Health deals with the co-occurrence of addictive behavior and mental health issues such as a mood disorder like depression or anxiety. Many people who struggle with either substance abuse problems or mental health issues will experience some overlap between the two. Individuals who are struggling with addiction may find they deal with higher levels of anxiety or depression because of their substance abuse, or develop co-occurring addictions. Individuals with pre-existing mental health issues are at a higher risk for using substances to attempt to regulate emotional imbalances. A person with a dual diagnosis has two separate conditions and both must be treated simultaneously.

1st Step is dedicated to helping individuals who struggle with co-existing conditions learn how to effectively manage their symptoms, and live a life free of addiction.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Program and Solutions

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, dual diagnosis treatment is individualized to each client. We offer a wide array of services and therapies for varying issues. A psychiatric consult will determine if medication is needed to stabilize disordered emotional or psychological issues. Taking medication as prescribed by a doctor is not the same as self-medicating with mind or mood altering drugs and alcohol, even though many people who struggle with co-occurring disorders are often attempting to regulate symptoms in this way. Substance abuse is often linked to the desire to escape or mask undefined symptoms associated with trauma, anxiety and depression or biochemical imbalances in the brain. Rather than a constant fluctuation of unstable chemicals, medications administered during our co-occurring disorders treatment program help balance the brain’s chemicals. Clients are able to manage symptoms and begin to work toward recovery.

By treating both addictive behaviors and underlying psychological issues our clients receive the tools they need to reach a full and lasting recovery.

1st Step Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The dual diagnosis treatment program at 1st Step Behavioral Health has several levels of care to support clients at any stage in the substance abuse and mental health recovery process. 1st Step is dedicated to helping clients change negative patterns and addictive behaviors in order to return to a full and productive life. For people struggling with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, physical safety and overall health risks can be greater. 1st Step has a safe and structured, apartment-style living environment with round-the-clock supervision and support. The cornerstone of the program is highly effective and evidence based therapies. The goal of our treatment programs is not to treat just the symptoms of addiction and mental health disorders, but the person whose unique abilities and aspirations have been effected by these issues.

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction and mental health problems, we encourage you to call today and get the information and help you need to move forward.

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