Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a key part of addiction treatment. There’s no quick fix when it comes to getting sober, so it’s important for people to understand what’s happening. What many people don’t realize is that it’s their behaviors that keep them sick. In addiction treatment, people are able to see how thoughts lead to behaviors that, in turn, lead to alcohol and drugs.

Individual Addiction Therapy

oman goes through Behavioral therapy with counselorThe first part of addiction therapy is meeting with an addiction specialist in an individual environment for talk therapy. It’s important to understand where the addiction started and what has been fueling it. Each person has a different story, and each person needs personalized suggestions to begin proper behavioral therapy. The next crucial step is a person’s willingness to begin practicing changing his or her behaviors in treatment.

For most people, a specific time in their lives begins fueling an addiction before it even begins. They may go through a traumatic experience like physical, verbal or sexual abuse. Some people begin having issues when their parents get divorced–the possibilities are endless. What may not seem like a big deal at the surface may be the root of the problem regarding alcohol or drug use.

Individual therapy gives patients a safe space to open up about their past and recent history without judgement. The therapist is there to listen to their specific stories and analyze what fuels their addiction. Through talking about their history of addiction, patients are able to see patterns of what leads them to certain thoughts. Once they understand where the thoughts and feelings come from, they can begin the next steps.

Ego-Modifying Technique of Behavioral Therapy

This is a very important type of behavioral modification because those in active addiction often have over-inflated egos. While the ego is necessary for daily life, in some cases, it can get in the way of recovery. Addiction affects the brain in a way that makes people believe that they have all of the answers. It’s important to begin to break down the ego in different ways patients can find clarity in the situation.

Part of behavioral therapy is realizing that one of the primary sources of the problem stems from the individual. While a person may have started drug or alcohol abuse because of a certain experience, his or her behaviors are what keep it going. Many people, and not just those with an addiction, have a problem looking inward at specific issues. Learning about how behaviors trigger negative emotions helps to minimize the ego.

Why Behavioral Therapy is Important

Addiction happens in the following cycle:

Many people don’t realize that each part of the cycle happens in different moments. A person with an addiction gets into such a habit of drinking or using that he or she doesn’t see the cycle anymore. Just about everyone has some type of bad habit, but when it comes to addiction, it can kill. Every time a person repeats a habit, the habit gets stronger and stronger and turns into a compulsion.

1stStep Behavioral Health is here to help you see your cycle of alcohol or drug addiction and begin to change it. As long as you’re willing and ready to recover, you’ll be able to begin changing your behavior that follows the trigger and craving. Being away from home and in a safe environment gives you time to replace your old behavior with new ones. You can begin the process of healing by calling us today at (855) 425-4846.

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