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A Commitment to Recovery through Drug Addiction Treatment

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, our approach reflects the expertise and dedication of a highly committed team. Founded by Gus Crocco, L.C.S.W., whose extensive 30+ years of experience in addiction and co-occurring disorders have provided invaluable insights into effective recovery strategies. Over the past decade, his vision has become a reality, resulting in our comprehensive drug addiction and alcoholism treatment programs.

The supportive and caring staff at 1st Step all understand how the disease of addiction and/or co-occurring disorders are both progressive and treatable. Clients at 1st Step’s alcohol and drug rehab will find everyone here is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals in recovery.

An Individualized, Whole-Person Approach to Recovery

Our addiction treatment program in Pompano Beach, Florida is committed to helping the individual, not just treating the addiction. Each person has their own story–their own unique history–and experience with how and why addiction and mental health concerns became a problem. While various factors may play a common role in how addictive patterns affect behavior, it’s not realistic to expect there will be a singular method of treatment that will work for everyone.

At our alcohol and drug treatment center, programs and methods are customizable to suit the individual and their unique needs. Group, individual, and family therapy and involvement are all integral parts of our recovery program. However, none of our clients are treated as a number in a group, and each is given independent and thorough consults, assessments, and feedback. What you can expect when attending treatment here is a highly personalized approach to care that will have a significant and lasting impact on you or your loved one’s recovery.

The Therapeutic Approach at the Core of Our Addiction Treatment Program

Gus Crocco, the owner and founder of 1st Step Behavioral Health’s drug treatment program, has extensive training in Jungian Psychology, rational emotive, behavioral modification, and Gestalt therapies. He is well versed in experiential therapy, PTSD therapy, and drama therapy, performing family sculpting and role reintegration with recovering families. We place a heavy emphasis on family-based recovery. In fact, in our program, family therapy is integrated into the process groups and the day-to-day treatment experience.

1st Step’s drug treatment programs in Florida employ a distinctive approach known as Ego-Modifying therapy, which is within the realm of behavioral therapy. What sets this therapy apart is its integration of the emotional and intuitive aspects of personal experience into the framework of neuroscience and cognitive restructuring.

We understand that addiction often has deep-seated roots in underlying issues, and altering one’s thought patterns alone may not yield lasting behavioral changes. Emotion is a vital component of the process, as it plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable results.

Our philosophy underscores the belief that recovery can be nurtured when individuals receive the exceptional standard of care and treatment that 1st Step provides. Moreover, we offer them the opportunity to explore and undergo transformative changes in both their thought processes and emotional responses, recognizing that these factors are integral to the recovery journey.

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Highlighting Gestalt Therapies in Addiction Treatment

Apart from offering an excellent standard of treatment and care, it is our focus on Gestalt therapies that distinguishes our healing approach from others. Gestalt therapy helps addicts focus on their life’s current scenarios rather than perceiving life on the basis of past experiences. Through different techniques, clients learn about their negative thoughts and behaviors that contribute to a lack of self-awareness and learn how to modify those thoughts.

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, our aim is to make clients understand how they can contribute to their own discomfort and unhappiness as well as how they can change their behaviors. Our therapists integrate Gestalt techniques such as a combination of drama therapies, bodywork, dance, and family therapy. All these therapies aim to alleviate unresolved pain, resentment, pain, and anxiety, as well as various negative emotions that are difficult to control during drug addiction treatment.

Gestalt therapy is very effective for individuals with low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, relationship difficulties, and anxiety. They are also helpful in getting physical relief from conditions like ulcerative colitis, back spasms, headaches, and migraines.

By focusing on treating both psychological and physical symptoms, the therapists at 1st Step Behavioral Health provide clients with an effective, long-term solution to addiction recovery.

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At 1st Step, treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine your needs. Then, our Florida addiction treatment program will address the root cause of your addiction, treat any co-occurring mental health issues, and give you the tools and support you need to maintain long-term recovery. If you or a loved one are ready to begin your recovery, please give our team of experienced professionals a call or text.

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