It is a joyous day when you find out a loved one has completed rehab and successfully conquered their addiction. Now that they’re clean, it’s time for them to come home. While it may seem like the hardest part is over, there is still a lot of work to be done post-rehab. Once former addicts are finished with treatment, they will need support and encouragement to re-introduce them to their normal lives. Here’s how you can welcome your loved ones home from rehab and assist them with returning to their daily business.

  • Make a plan. Even though they want to return home and conduct business as usual, you cannot act as if nothing has changed. You need to formulate a strategy for helping your loved one with their post-rehab life. Speak with them about what they learned during treatment, and what they can expect from you now that they’re clean. Lay down ground rules about what is and isn’t acceptable.
  • Keep them busy. Find ways to keep them busy. Boredom can eventually lead to relapse, so it is wise to find activities to keep them occupied. If this person is living with you, create a list of chores or daily tasks for them to complete. Have them look into going back to school or finding a job to start rebuilding their life. You can also encourage them to take up a new hobby or sport to revitalize both their mind and their body.
  • Lend an ear. One of the best ways to make someone feel welcome when they get home from rehab is to listen. They have just gone through an incredibly difficult battle and have overcome an addiction that severely impacted their life. They want someone to listen to them and to be their support system. Provide reassurance and tell them that you are there for them. Just having someone to listen to them can make the recovery process much easier to handle.

Coming home from rehab can be difficult. It is not your position to judge your loved ones after they have completed treatment. Instead, you should support them and help them with rebuilding their lives.

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