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1st Step Behavioral Health is a licensed dual-diagnosis long-term addiction treatment facility that is accredited by the Joint Commission. We focus on the physiological rebalancing of the individual through medical, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care.

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What Makes 1st step behavioral health different?

Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab

The primary focus of our substance abuse treatment center is meeting each individual in the present moment to guide them along their journey of recovery. No matter how far you’ve fallen, we can help you get back up. By providing each patient with tailored care on an individual basis, we help patients discover the steps they need to take to achieve lasting change.

Treatment for All

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Addiction Treatment

Our compassionate drug and alcohol rehab professionals in Pompano Beach, Florida can help you break free from addiction, one step at a time.

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Mental Health Treatment

Our programs are designed to address the diverse needs of those struggling with addiction and mental health conditions.

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Treatment Programs

We offer a range of comprehensive treatment services, including detox, residential treatment, IOP, and aftercare support.

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We provide ongoing support and relapse prevention strategies to ensure a smooth transition back into everyday life after completing our programs.

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Client Testimonials

From the first second I called, I felt more at ease than I ever had before. As a mother of an addict, the call is never easy and I had done it several times before. My son was in and out of several treatment facilities; 4 or 5 as I remember. None of them can compare to 1st Step and their incredible staff.

Andrea B.

As a former client at First Step Behavioral Health, my experiences have been a growing, eye opening one to say the least. This place helped to break down my underlying issues and support me in building myself back up. From the tech staff to the clinical team, the help provided is incredible.

Kevin W. Former Client

Constant relapses and close calls with death had our family so disheartened as to wondering if our daughter would ever recover. Until we found 1st Step. Not only is she thriving now, but our entire family was educated on the whole disease process of addiction and how important it is to give the right kind of support.

Michael M. Family Member/Friend of Client

Our DRUG & ALCOHOL Treatment Experts

Compassionate & Caring Staff

1st Step is the culmination of Gus Crocco, L.C.S.W.’s, visionary dream, backed by his extensive 25-year expertise in addictions and co-occurring disorders. Our comprehensive treatment program stands as a testament to his dedication to helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve their goals in recovery. At 1st Step, we firmly believe that the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders is treatable, and our compassionate team of staff members shares this unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. With our collective expertise and genuine passion for helping others, we strive to provide a transformative and empowering journey toward recovery.

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Learn about Specific Addictions


Alcoholism affects more than 14 million Americans, but with the right treatment, anyone can recover.


Benzodiazepine abuse can lead to addiction. Some of the most addictive benzos are Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin.


As one of the most powerful stimulant drugs, cocaine addiction can impact the way you think, feel, and behave.


Heroin is a powerful and addictive illicit opioid. Find help for heroin addiction at our Florida detox and rehab center.


Opiates are prescription painkillers that have addictive qualities. Opiates are the driving force behind the opioid epidemic today.


Meth is an addictive and harmful stimulant drug, but with detox and individualized treatment, anyone can stay sober.

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