When it comes to alcohol or drug addiction, it’s hard to be objective. Sometimes, it’s difficult to identify a problem. However, acknowledging an addiction is the first step to recovery. Most importantly, you need to seek treatment for addiction as soon as you recognize it.

Identifying an Addiction

Do you question whether or not you need treatment? Are your close relationships strained and filled with tension? Overall, these are indications you have a drug problem.

Additional signs include frequently using drugs and needing higher doses to feel the same effects. An addiction can also make you feel anxious, angry, or depressed when you miss a dose.

If you think that you have a problem, you might second guess yourself if your loved ones don’t agree. You should consider whether or not those close to you also use drugs. They aren’t likely to agree, because it forces them to uncomfortably confront their addiction problem as well.

In addition, they simply might be afraid to be honest with you. Do you feel comfortable telling your friends that they have an addiction? You probably worry about losing them. Consider that they’re in the same position and may not tell the whole truth.

Get a Doctor’s Diagnosis

If you have trouble determining whether you need treatment, talk to your doctor or a mental health professional. They can use the criteria for addiction to give you an objective diagnosis. There are 11 requirements, including impaired control, cravings, tolerance, and withdrawal.

You only need to have two of the 11 criteria in a 12-month period to receive a mild addiction diagnosis. If you have four or five, then you have a moderate addiction. Having six or more means that you have a severe problem.

Addiction Can Get Worse

You might put off getting treatment because your addiction isn’t severe or you haven’t hit rock bottom. However, understand addiction gets worse over time. Since there are different levels of severity, it’s important to remember that a mild problem always has the potential to become severe.

Overall, addiction is a chronic disease. Therefore, like asthma, cancer, diabetes, and many others, it requires proper management. You don’t have to be near death to need treatment for these health conditions. Addiction is no different in this respect.

Rehab Is the Best Solution

Achieving and staying sober starts with getting help at a rehab center. You likely need detox before therapy starts, so your rehab facility will refer you to the proper clinic, or provide its own services. Afterward, you’ll return to the rehab center to address the underlying cause of your addiction. During counseling, you’ll also learn skills to help you avoid relapse and live healthier.

Finding the Right Treatment for Addiction

Everyone deserves to have a happy, fulfilling life. However, addiction prevents you from reaching your dreams. If you want to make a change, 1st Step Behavioral Health offers programs to fit your unique needs, including:

Don’t let drugs control the life you’ve always wanted. Regain confidence with our help. Call us now at (855) 425-4846 to begin your life-changing journey to sobriety with our comprehensive treatment for addiction.

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