The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) classifies alcohol use as a disease. Overall, it’s a progressive illness, meaning it becomes exponentially worse as it advances. Thus, knowing the stages of alcoholism will help you determine when it’s time to seek treatment. Here’s what you should know about the 5 stages of alcoholism.

What are the Stages of Alcoholism?

During the first stage, users may binge drink or abuse alcohol only occasionally. Most feel this isn’t a problem if they only use every once in awhile. However, it can quickly transform into frequent drinking. During stage two, individuals may binge drink on weekends and consume in moderation during the week.

Furthermore, when drinking becomes problematic, an individual reaches stage three. At this point, they may change their social habits to revolve around drinking. Many form new relationships and sever ties with old friends who might not approve of their alcohol use.

Stage four involves dependency and an ever-increasing need for alcohol. Those in the throes of this stage develop an unusual tolerance to alcohol and require more and more of it to produce the same euphoric effects.

Stage five is addiction. At this point, people can no longer control their drinking. They may continue consuming alcohol despite the known risks. Once someone develops an addiction, they’re drinking is no longer under control.

Everyone Progresses Differently

There’s no timeline for progressing through the five alcoholism stages. For example, some people go from step one to five in a matter of weeks, whereas others take years to develop addiction. Additionally, other people progress only to stage two or three and never reach the latter stages.

It’s impossible to determine whose disease will progress at a certain rate. However, you should never assume your loved one’s alcoholism is any less severe. As soon as you notice the early signs of a problem, take action. Overall, the sooner someone seeks treatment, the greater the odds of recovery.

1st Step Behavioral Health Can Help

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