In the mid 90s, Oxycontin was just released and it was being pushed hard as a less addictive painkiller. Come nearly 30 years later, it turns out that opioids were far less harmless than advertised. In the current day, Americans are aware of just how destructive opioid abuse can be. However, one of the biggest casualties of the opioid crisis is the toll it has taken on the older generation. It is difficult to confront the people who raised you and the rest of your generation, but sometimes, a direct approach is necessary to save them from a crippling addiction.


First of all, in order to get a parent into rehab, you need to convince them to do so. Gone are the days where a person can drag another person to an asylum and they’re stuck there. Going into rehab must be a voluntary choice. There are a couple of paths that can be taken to get them into rehab of their own volition. First, don’t count on rock bottom to get them moving; if you can convince them before they hit their lowest point, then that’s better for them. Second, there are ways to get the idea of medical detox into someone’s head without directly trying to talk them into it, such as asking them what their life was like before the drugs, or if they’ve taken any steps to take fewer drugs.

Support Structure

Once the parent has managed to get into rehab, the after care is especially important. While they won’t need affirmations every hour of the day, it is important that they know that their decision to go into rehab had positive effects on the family. It’s also important not to be too judgmental on them as well. A parent’s pride can be easily wounded by a child who’s too overbearing or coddling, so try not to treat them too differently. Also, it’s important that they not be in the same kind of situation that they were before they got into rehab, so make sure their surroundings won’t make them try to go back into the habit.

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