Overcoming OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin is the brand name of a prescription painkiller that contains oxycodone, a semi-synthetic opium derivative. It’s usually prescribed to relieve moderate to severe chronic pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments. However, OxyContin is also extremely addictive and may quickly lead to physical and psychological dependence, even when following the prescription instructions. OxyContin addiction leads to withdrawal symptoms when patients are unable to get their usual dose. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be severe.

Professional Treatment for OxyContin Addiction

woman talking to man about getting treatment for oxycontin addictionProfessional treatment is almost always needed to overcome an addiction to OxyContin. Strong cravings and withdrawal symptoms make it very difficult to stop abusing this drug without it. The options for addiction treatment include inpatient and outpatient treatment.Many users may also need detox to get through the withdrawal period.

Inpatient treatment allows you to leave your using environment and treat your addiction in a safe and controlled environment away from triggers and easy access to OxyContin. Outpatient treatment can also be effective in some cases. This treatment option gives you the freedom to continue living at home and attending work or school.

Symptoms of OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin has similar effects on the brain and nervous system as heroin and opium. As a result, some people use OxyContin in place of illegal drugs. OxyContin is meant to be a time-release formula, but when patients become addicted, they may crush the tablets and then swallow, snort or dilute them with water and inject them. This ruins the time-release formula and achieves an immediate high similar to heroin or opium. The following are some of the physical and mental effects of painkillers like OxyContin:

Due to OxyContin’s addictive properties, patients begin to feel like they can tolerate more and more of the drug, which can eventually lead to a lethal overdose. There’s a difference between tolerance and addiction, which is commonly misunderstood.

Addiction results in patients going above and beyond to get more of the drug, even if it’s damaging their health or life in some way. They may start stealing the drug, using money they don’t have to get more, doctor-shopping to get extra prescriptions or taking the drug in an illicit manner, as previously mentioned.

Professional Treatment for Addiction to OxyContin

The first step to getting treatment for addiction to OxyContin is recognizing that you have a problem. Addiction is a progressive disease that doesn’t get better without professional intervention and treatment.

Fear of withdrawal is also sometimes a strong barrier to treatment. A period of medically managed detox can help ease this fear. With medically managed detox, you can safely go through withdrawal from OxyContin without fear of severe complications and in relative comfort.

The next step to overcoming your addiction to OxyContin and achieving a lasting recovery is to undergo behavioral therapy at a quality drug rehab like 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Addiction is a disease facilitated by substance abuse, but not caused by it. There are many patients who can take painkillers even in the long-term and not become addicted. 1st Step Behavioral Health believes in focusing on patients as individuals in order to find the unique issues and circumstances that led to addiction.

Managing the disease of addiction requires professional and caring treatment. If you’re ready to get help in overcoming your addiction to OxyContin, call 1st Step at (855) 425-4846today.

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