Strategies to Prevent Drug Addiction Relapse in Pompano

No matter what you or a loved one might be or were once addicted to, quitting a substance that was abused can be an especially difficult task. Because of this, anyone who has finally quit using a drug or gotten away from alcoholism are at risk of returning to a life of substance abuse. While things like opiate and heroin addictions are widely known to be particularly difficult to get over, anyone who was addicted to alcohol or drugs can end up relapsing.

In this piece, we will be discussing a few different ways you can continue your sober life in Pompano and prevent drug relapse. While no technique is absolutely guaranteed, taking up one or all of these can help greatly increase your chances at staying sober.

Before delving into our drug addiction relapse prevention tips, we would like to note that relapsing is not a sign that you are “weak”, have bad willpower, or that you are in any way a bad person. Stopping an addiction is one of the most difficult things, if not the most difficult thing, you will ever go through. Thankfully, if someone relapses and goes back into a rehab program, their odds of staying sober for good increases by huge margins.

Make New Friends

For most people who use or abuse drugs or alcohol, many of their friends probably also use the same substance regularly as well. After someone has gone through rehab, and no matter who they might be, being around that substance again practically guarantees that they will start using again.

Many people try to bargain with themselves and say that they will only spend time with those friends if those friends agree to not use alcohol and/or drugs when doing things together. However, simply being around the people who you used to drink or do drugs with can -and will- trigger your addiction and cause you to powerfully crave the substance again.

Try New Hobbies and Activities

Just like how being around certain friends will trigger acute substance addiction pangs, doing things and going to places around Pompano that you consumed drugs or alcohol at can quickly lead to relapse. This can be any number of things and can range from going to obvious locations like bars or nightclubs to doing seemingly innocuous things like standing on a street corner. You know yourself best, though, so you will need to determine what activities and locations are triggers for drug relapse in Pompano.

Instead, find ways into new social circles by trying new things. Join a book club, take up exercising, become a board game connoisseur, or try out anything that you find interesting.

Continue Aftercare

After going through detox in South Florida and working toward a few months of sobriety, many people believe they have completely beaten their addiction. When this happens, these people end up skipping out on therapy sessions and missing doses of prescribed medicines (if they have any) until they end up quitting their rehab aftercare as well. At this point, these people believe they’re “cured” of their addiction and can simply move on with their lives. However, those who quit on their aftercare are at the greatest risk of relapse.

When nearing the end of your substance addiction rehab program, we will work together with you to determine what will be the best course of aftercare to ensure you keep away from all the triggers of drug relapse Pompano has around. Stick to that plan and you will be much more likely to stay sober.

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