Experts haven’t always considered a substance use disorder a mental disease. Research has lead to significant changes and, fortunately, the use of mental health treatment for drug abuse and addiction. In the 21st century, rehab centers treat the emotional and physical damage drugs cause. Therefore, before you look for a treatment facility, take a look at these rehab facts to determine which facility is best for you.

Important Rehab Facts

The vast majority of people don’t seek treatment for a substance use disorder. Often, the reason is that they don’t know what to expect. Therefore, learning rehab facts could change their minds.

Rehab Centers May Restrict Outside Communication

In an inpatient program, you might not get to talk to your loved ones for the first few days. The reason for this is that the facility needs to first strongly support your sobriety.

Sometimes, your loved ones might enable your substance use disorder without knowing it. The rehab facility keeps you from talking with them to help you stay on track to recovery. As you progress in treatment, however, you’ll eventually be able to visit with family again.

Facilities Are Not All the Same

Most rehab centers vary greatly in programs, services, and amenities. For this reason, it’s essential to find a facility that provides what you need.

Before you decide on a treatment program, honestly consider the severity of your substance use disorder. If you hesitate about outpatient care because you think inpatient might be better, seriously consider both. Overall, inpatient gives you the highest level of treatment and is particularly beneficial if it’s your first time in rehab.

Additionally, make sure that the rehab center offers numerous addiction and support services. It needs to develop a tailored treatment plan for your unique needs. Check for amenities you enjoy as well. Overall, rehab programs should provide activities that interest you to help you relieve stress between intense therapy sessions.

Holistic Care Is Increasingly Common

Holistic therapies and activities offer fantastic methods for relieving stress. Rehab centers are using them more, because they help you work through specific problems.

These therapeutic sessions provide relaxation, acupuncture, massage, meditation, and yoga to help you achieve balance, inner peace, and a clear mind. Not to mention, nutrition therapy provides the nutrients necessary for healing properly.

Additionally, experiential therapy helps you address repressed feelings in healthy ways as you create art or care for an animal. Furthermore, adventure therapy such as outdoor activities and team sports helps you learn to communicate well with others. It also teaches you responsibility, perseverance, and other important life skills.

Rehab Doesn’t Cure Addiction

Most importantly, understand these rehab facts don’t cure addiction. While it’s a chronic disease, there’s no cure. Much like diabetes and other illnesses, addiction requires lifelong maintenance.

However, a rehab program helps you address the cause of your addiction and teaches you skills to manage it. It involves identifying the triggers that make you want to use and shows you how to avoid them. It can also help you rebuild relationships and cope with real-life stressors. You might also consider entering an aftercare program to assist you during the transition.

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