No matter how dedicated you are to getting clean, the process will be much easier if you have help. Professional support at rehab centers can provide accountability, medical care, holistic therapies, dual diagnosis support and life skills training. Together, these are the tools you’ll need to prevent relapse and live a clean, fulfilling life.

Dual Diagnosis Support From Rehab Centers

There is a strong connection between mental health and addiction. Many people who struggle with one issue struggle with the other. Additionally, there’s no way to cleanly separate the two. Because of this, many patients in rehab also need mental health support along the way.

Dual diagnosis addresses mental health and addiction at the same time. Since both are interconnected, simultaneous care is the most effective. If you try to get clean on your own, dual diagnosis treatment just won’t be an option. By opting for rehab, you can make meaningful changes for your physical, mental and psychological health all at once.

Holistic Therapies

There are many paths to recovery. Although therapy, detox and sobriety are key elements, there’s still plenty of flexibility. Not all patients need the same treatment methods. Plus, true wellness is about comprehensive health.

Many substance abuse programs offer a wide range of holistic therapies. At 1st Step Behavioral, patients can choose from several options. Some of these therapies target issues like stress relief, and others emphasize better physical health.

A few of the most popular and effective holistic therapies at 1st Step Behavioral Health include the following:

  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic services
  • Fitness facilities
  • Relaxation spaces for meditation

Accountability Around the Clock

One of the biggest benefits of professional drug addiction treatment is accountability. Recovery can feel a little like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, but it’s always important to be on the right track.

In rehab, patients receive 24/7 accountability. This allows them to focus on recovery without worrying excessively about cravings and temptations. Plus, patients will appreciate that there are people rooting for their success and encouraging their sobriety.

Life Skills Training

Addiction can turn life upside down, and reintegrating into society can be tough. A rehab program doesn’t just combat addiction: It also helps patients prepare for a meaningful life. Often, that means the inclusion of life skills training.

Life skills training can include all kinds of things. Sometimes, it means focusing on learning to schedule appointments and manage time. It can also mean learning how to grocery shop and prepare basic healthy meals at home. All of these skills are invaluable, and can help individuals in recovery in everyday life for years to come.

Rehab centers can help you transform your life for the better. At 1st Step Behavioral in Pompano Beach, Florida, you’ll have access to the tools, support and resources you need to kick addiction to the curb. Start living the life you deserve by calling (855) 425-4846 for more information.

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