Because of the emotional and personal factors that play into addiction, there are many opinions that surround the topic of substance abuse. Unfortunately, most of these opinions and stereotypes about addiction are myths and nothing but misinformation. Below are some of the most common myths about drug addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction to drugs, contact our Pompano Florida detox.

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Addicts Can Quit Whenever They Want

Many people assume that addicts make a conscious decision to continue abusing drugs. However, addiction is a serious condition that is difficult to overcome no matter how unwanted the addiction is. Also, when dependence on a drug starts to develop, the user will need the drug to function normally. Withdrawal symptoms are painful, emotionally and physically, which also makes it very difficult for an addict to quit.

All People That Use Drugs Are Addicted

Addiction is far more complicated than simply using recreational drugs. Addiction usually comes with drastic physical and emotional changes, and even conflict with loved ones. The consequences of a substance addiction could very well be fatal.

Addicts Are Easy to Spot

There are many stereotypes about what a drug addict “looks” like. The truth is, addiction can occur at any stage of life and to any individual, regardless of age, ethnicity, or social status.

Pompano Florida Detox

Do you suffer from addiction? Or do you need extra support to help you stay sober? Drugs and alcohol will get in the way of the life you’ve always wanted. take control of your life today with 1st Step. So, contact us to begin your life-changing journey to sobriety with our comprehensive treatment for addiction.

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