Probably more so than any other service offered to the general public, rehab is often misunderstood by many. One of the main reasons for that is the way rehab is portrayed in movies and television. Likewise, word of mouth also plays heavily into these misunderstandings. Today, we’ll be clearing up some of the myths surrounding rehab.

Rehab is Only for People in Extreme Situations

Even people who otherwise understand how rehab works and what it can do for an addict will still often follow this common rehab myth. The truth of the matter is that rehab is available to anyone at any level of addiction – you don’t have to be in the worst shape that your life has ever been at.

Addiction Treatment is Only Attainable by the Wealthy

Because of the type of people and the kinds of addiction treatment facilities that people see in movies or on television, many people believe that they will not be able to afford rehab. Similarly, people often assume that their health insurance will not cover rehab. However, there are many paths available for rehab to be paid for or covered, including many health insurance policies, government programs, and more.

Going Through Rehab Will Eliminate My Drug Addiction

Regretfully, this is one of those myths that we wish was actually true. While going through our Pompano drug rehab program will work wonders in helping you learn to live life without relying on those substances, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever crave those substances again.

Rehab Just Doesn’t Work for People Who Relapse

Similar to the previous myth, people often believe that if they relapse after going through rehab that there’s just zero reason to go through treatment again. The thing is, though, that when relapse occurs and someone returns to rehab, they greatly increase their chances of successfully recovering from their addiction.

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