Alcohol Use Disorder is Highly Misunderstood

Although it is the most widely used inebriating substance on the planet, there are still a large number of myths surrounding alcohol abuse and alcoholism. In this article we will be looking at the more prevalent of those myths, and we will set the record straight.

Alcohol Myths

Other than a small number of cultures and countries that have banned alcohol consumption entirely, all kinds of alcohol be it wine, liquor, beer, or any other type of alcoholic beverage are drank worldwide. Still, that doesn’t mean there are not misconceptions about the substance.

Alcoholics could quit whenever they want.

Contrary to this exceedingly common alcohol myth, alcohol can be tremendously addictive to almost anyone who consumes and abuses alcohol over a period of time. The longer someone keeps using alcohol, the more difficult it is to quit using it to the point that it is one of the most addictive substances someone can use. Because of that, alcoholics have a much more difficult time ending their addiction than most people believe it to be.

Someone with an addiction to alcohol can’t take control of their life.

Though alcohol use disorder can lead to making a variety of bad decisions, the addiction isn’t to blame for those decisions – you’re still the one behind the wheel, so to speak.

Everybody drinks and drinking everyday is perfectly fine.

This line of thinking is very dangerous. First of all, not everybody drinks. Second, though it might be safe to have a single glass of wine with dinner on most days, many people believe that drinking alcohol everyday is safe to the point of consuming as much on a daily basis that you might drink during a social event.

Rehab for alcohol use disorder is a waste of time.  

At our alcohol rehab facility in Pompano Beach, we have seen case after case of successfully finishing rehab for a long time. That alone shows that rehab isn’t a waste of time, and it should be looked into by anyone who is suffering from alcoholism and would like to quit.

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