So what is imposter syndrome? I bet you have more of an idea than you think. Have you ever been in a situation where you were with a group of people you thought were really brilliant? Maybe they acted like you were just as smart as they are. Maybe they felt like you were just as competent and useful as you believed them to be. Did you feel like you measured up like they thought you did? Or did you feel like any minute now, they would realize you aren’t as brilliant as they thought you were. Did you think you would be exposed as a fraud? Did you ever feel like your success was a fluke? Like you didn’t deserve something that you worked so hard for and got? That is imposter syndrome. It sounds like it’s not a big deal, but imposter syndrome can take the joy and hope of great success and turn it into misery – sometimes ruining lives.

After you get back from rehab I hope that you have no doubt that everyone deserves a healthy and sober life. Even if you come away from rehab knowing this, it can still be hard to live out in the face of complicated emotions like Imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome can haunt people, especially women, with the idea that they are just fooling themselves and everyone around them. That they can’t be successful at being sober, or at their career, or at being an amazing parent, or fulfilling lover. But it’s not true for anyone, including you.

You’re scared, but you can make it. Maybe before you went to rehab you were an opioid addict. Maybe you feel that societal stigma, and even though you’re off the pain meds, and you’re looking forward you still feel like any success will be undeserved. I’m here to tell you that you can win out over imposter syndrome. But how?

  1. Get a buddy. Make sure you talk to your friends and loved ones about your imposter syndrome. Have at least one friend who can remind you how strong you are and how far you’ve come. Looking back at how far you have come can be reassuring and help you keep going.
  2. One step at a time. When you start to feel skeptical of your own success. About deserving the benefits of good choices and hard work, remember to, instead of getting discouraged, remember that what is important is not how successful you feel, because you won’t always feel like a success, but what matters is that you keep stepping on the road of sobriety, one step at a time. Eventually you will feel that hope and believe in your own success again.

Maybe you’re not struggling with imposter syndrome. Maybe you’re still wrestling in the depth opiate addiction. We want to help. Drug addiction, particularly heroin and Oxycodone addiction is very scary and dangerous. But there is hope through our heroin drug treatment in Broward County. Don’t try to detox on your own. Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms can make you very sick. When you go through withdrawal from oxycodone you need to have medical professionals to monitor your health and make sure you’re needs are met and that your vital signs are stable. We want to guide you to hope in recovery. Call us now at  (855) 425-4846

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