For those who want to find the best rehab center in Boca Raton, you will have more than a few choices to make before starting rehab. For most, these choices should be fairly easy to make, though, and won’t take you so long as to delay you actually going to a Boca Raton rehab center. Still, by figuring out what you want or need from the options discussed below, you will be able to find the best rehab center in Boca Raton for you or a loved one.  

Addiction Treatment Options to Think About

If you are lucky enough to live near a rehab center that offers many different substance abuse treatment programs like First Step Behavioral Health, finding the right rehab center is already done for you. However, those who live outside of or can’t get to South Florida will still need to locate a facility that offers your rehab preferences.

Co-occurring Disorders and Dual Diagnosis

Since co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis addictions compound the treatment process, some rehab centers won’t offer programs that specifically deal with either of those conditions. If you have a co-occurring disorder (an addiction coupled with mental illness) or a dual diagnosis (addicted to two substances at the same time), going through a rehab program that doesn’t address the condition may not be beneficial for your substance abuse problem.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and Other Types of Care

Before going into rehab, many people wonder where or how they are going to live during the program. This is answered by the type of rehab you are recommended or request. In inpatient rehab, patients spend all day at the rehab center and sleep there as well. For residential rehab, you’ll still spend the day at the rehab center, but you will have an apartment-style residence on the campus to stay in. With outpatient treatment, you only have to be at the rehab center at scheduled times to attend classes and therapy sessions.

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