You just found out a loved one is entering treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. What encouraging words for someone in rehab can you say? Whether you know they need this care or not, a person entering treatment is vulnerable, worried, and terrified that this treatment will not work. Yet, unless you have been where they are, it is not always easy to know what they need to hear you say. Providing some words of encouragement for a friend in rehab, though, can make a big difference in their outcome. Here are some tips on what to say.

Encouraging Words for Someone in Rehab: Where to Start

A person entering addiction treatment is facing a major life change. They have embraced a very different world than what they are facing now. When you speak to them, mean it. 

Start with being supportive. Let them know that you know that this is a very big decision and change for them. Tell them that you want to be there to help them. Here are some guidelines:

  • Say what you really will do. “I will help you in any way I can” is a great statement if you mean it. Will you be there during a 2 am phone call to help? Instead, say, “I will do my best to support you when you need it.”
  • Don’t say you understand. Again, unless you have gone through addiction treatment, you may not have any real indication of what is likely to happen. Say, “This has to be a difficult step for you.”
  • Make sure you are positive but also willing to listen. Often, it is so important to have support from a person who does not know everything about what is happening but is willing to listen to their side and needs. Be the listener.

Encourage a person with positivity. For many people, this means leaving your own doubt aside. Drug and alcohol addiction is not a simple process, and it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to make it happen. For that reason, you really do need to rely on the therapists to help you.

Find Out How You Can Help

As you look for encouraging words for someone in rehab, ask them what you can do to help them. For example, you may want to offer assistance in getting them rides to and from therapy appointments. If they are entering into a residential treatment program, offer to take care of the pets. While words are important, it is also often essential to help a person relieve some of their fears and worries about how this will work for them.

What to Say to a Recovering Addict

If you are one of the many people with a person in your life that is in recovery from addiction, you play a role in their long-term success. Consider a few things you can say to them to encourage them:

  • “I’m proud of you.” As simple as that, tell them you are proud of what they are accomplishing.
  • “This must be a challenge, but you deserve the best outcome.” Don’t let them feel limited in the care they are getting. In short, recognize that what they are going through is hard, but let them know it is worth it.
  • “I’m here to listen when you need it. Here’s my phone number.” Provide them with an invitation to reach out to you when they need help. Do this only if you really mean it.

What Not to Say to a Recovering Addict

There are also things you do not want to say to a person who is in recovery. These things may limit their success.

  • “You’re going to be fine.” You simply do not know that, but more importantly, they know you don’t know that. It’s an empty statement. Instead, try saying, “Let’s work on this together for the best outcome possible.”
  • “I know what you are going through.” That, too, is limiting because you do not have the same experiences they do.
  • “I can’t imagine why this happened.” Don’t place blame or try to make a person feel as though they did something to cause addiction. It’s a disease like any other.

Supporting Someone in Recovery

These encouraging words for someone in rehab are a good starting place. If you are serious about them, you are going to provide the support a loved one needs to work through this challenge.

If you know a person that needs help making the decision to get into treatment, reach out to them. Encourage them to take action today to get the help they need. Reach out to our admissions team at (866) 971-5531 to learn about the options available. Then, talk to your loved ones about these options and encourage them to call. 

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