Trying to stay sober is much more difficult than many people think it is. Because of this, most individuals need therapy to maintain their sobriety. Drug therapy is specifically for people struggling with an addiction. It teaches them how to deal with life’s difficulties. One of the most important things people learn in drug addiction treatment is that the drugs are just one means to an end. If you can learn how to deal with the triggers that lead you to drugs, you can be successful in your recovery.

Some of the different forms of therapy can include:

  • Talk therapy
  • Dual diagnosis therapy
  • Family therapy

Individual Drug Therapy

One of the main types of therapy is going to be on an individual basis. In this private setting, you can feel safe and comfortable talking about your history to yourtherapist. This is a setting in which you can open up about any difficulties you currently have or went through during your past. A professional therapist treats you with a non-biased, non-judgmental point of view to help you.

You may not realize it, but parts of your past may actually be the source of your addiction. Different situations that occurred in your past may be triggering different thoughts or feelings on a subconscious level. In your addiction, you may have felt extremely alone and misunderstood, which is exactly why this therapy is beneficial. You may find that this is the first time that someone has actually listened and offered you great suggestions.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy

If you struggle with some form of mental illness, you’re one of the many people with an addiction who receives a dual diagnosis. Many facilities are unable to really get to the root of the problem when they don’t offer this form of therapy. Mental illness makes people try to self-medicate with drugs to deal with anxiety, depression and other types of disorders. Your addiction and mental illness need to be treated together.

Without learning how to manage your symptoms of mental illness, recovery is nearly impossible. In this type of therapy, you’ll discover ways to deal with mental illness in a healthy way. You’ll also see that even if your mental illness seems debilitating, there is a way to live a happy, normal life. If your addiction is to medications from mental illness, you’ll see that there are plenty of other options.

Family Drug Therapy

Addiction affects everyone in the family, which is why it’s important that everyone receives treatment. In your recovery, you’re going to need to learn different ways to co-exist with your family and make amends. For family members, it’s important to learn about addiction so they can best support you in your recovery. The family structure isn’t immediately fixed once you get sober, but you’ll gradually make progress in healing.

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