Unfortunately, substance use disorders continue to affect millions of people each year. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 48.7 million people struggled with addiction in 2022.[1]

The best way to overcome addiction is to attend a drug and alcohol rehab center. These programs offer a wide variety of services, including medical detox, evidence-based therapies, holistic treatments, and more.

Addiction treatment comes with many new challenges, like learning how to deal with your emotions without drugs or alcohol to lean on. Additionally, being in a rehabilitation center separates you from the outside world, which is excellent for protecting you from relapse, but it can make you feel a bit isolated. Sometimes you need the support of your family and loved ones to cheer you up and keep you motivated.

There are many different ways you can connect with your family while you are in an addiction treatment center. First, you will most likely be asked to participate in family therapy, which gives you a chance to overcome some relationship issues you might have been struggling with in a supportive environment. On the other hand, if you want less formal interaction with your family, you might get a day pass to spend time with them, call them on the phone, or write letters.

The Value of Family Involvement in Recovery

Two main factors make family involvement so important to addiction recovery. First, addiction impacts the entire family, which means your loved ones need support as well. Second, having support from your family during the recovery process can increase your chances of long-term success.

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, your behavior begins to affect the people closest to you. They might develop unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with situations like not knowing whether you are safe while you are out using substances or they could begin to engage in unhelpful behaviors like codependency. As a result, your family must participate in recovery alongside you, to ensure that they receive the help they need to be successful themselves.

Additionally, having your family members there to support you during recovery can be incredibly beneficial for your success. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), family involvement can “improve treatment entry, treatment completion, and treatment outcomes.”[2]

Can My Family Visit Me During Rehab in Pompano Beach?

Whether your family can visit you during rehab in Pompano Beach heavily depends on the type of treatment program you are in. For example, detox centers usually do not allow visitors because of the types of treatment people are undergoing. Additionally, inpatient treatment programs usually limit visitation, however, it is possible to get approval from your therapist.

Once you are in an outpatient program, you can have as much interaction with your family members as you want.

If you are entering detox or inpatient treatment, you can speak with your specific facility to figure out what types of family visitation are offered, how often you can make phone calls, and other information you need regarding family involvement.

Ways to Visit With Your Family During Rehab at First Step

At First Step Behavioral Health, we understand the importance of family involvement during drug and alcohol treatment. Because of this, we offer a variety of ways for you to connect with your family during your stay at our treatment center.

Some of the ways you can visit with your family during treatment at First Step include:

Family Therapy

Family involvement can be so beneficial to recovery that family therapy is often featured during treatment. If your loved ones live far away or cannot come to therapy sessions in person, online sessions may be available.

Whether your family participates online or in-person, family therapy can provide you with the quality time you need while helping you and your loved ones gain some healthy coping mechanisms, build communication skills, and more.

Day Passes

At First Step Behavioral Health, we offer the ability to use day passes to leave and have a day with your family. This is a great chance for people needing a break from their normal treatment routines to spend quality time with their family members and possibly engage in fun activities like going to the beach.

It is important to note that day passes are granted by your therapist, heavily depending on whether they think you are ready to leave the facility for a day.

Phone Calls and Writing Letters

Lastly, you can keep in touch with your family members by making phone calls and writing letters. This is a great option for people who have traveled out of state to receive treatment at First Step, as family members cannot always make the trip to take advantage of a day pass.

Additionally, if your relationships with your family have been strained in the past, phone calls and letters offer a safe distance for you to have positive interactions with your family during your treatment program.

Find Help Today

If you or a loved one struggles with drug addiction or alcoholism, First Step Behavioral Health is here to help. We offer clinically proven addiction treatment services to help you achieve long-term sobriety and an overall improvement in quality of life.

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, our commitment to our clients extends beyond their recovery. We are passionate about helping their families heal from addiction and discover the best ways to support them.

To learn more about our Pompano Beach addiction treatment center, contact us today.


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