Your Drug Addiction is Affecting More than You

If you think your addiction to a substance has either gone unnoticed or that it’s not affecting anyone but you, you’re sorely mistaken. And depending on the drug or drugs that you’re addicted to, there’s a chance that everyone in your life knows about and is impacted by the substances you’re buying in South Florida.


Your Family Cares

Do you believe your family hasn’t given your addiction, or even you, a second thought lately? If so, you’re probably far off base on that assumption with the exception of some families, of course. Whether you’re married, a parent, single, or you still live at home with your parents, your immediate family has probably noticed at least a few changes in your behavior or your appearance. If they haven’t brought it up with you, there’s a lot of reasons they aren’t talking to you about your drug addiction. Out of those reasons, there are three that most avoidant family members have:

  1. Ignorance

For some family members in South Florida who haven’t approached you about your drug addiction, they are missing some important information. This can be something like not understanding how bad your addiction is or how dangerous it is to use and abuse certain substances. When this is the reason they haven’t talked to you yet, it usually means you are spending a lot of energy hiding your addiction, which still impacts them because you’re spending so much more time away from them now.


  1. Anxiety

Due to some reason or another, there’s a chance that family member(s) are actively trying to ignore your drug addiction no matter how bad it is. This anxiety to talk to you about your problem might be because they’re not good about opening up or they hate talking about difficult topics. Likewise, some of them might be anxious to discuss your drug addiction because of some experience in their own past dealing with substance use or abuse.


  1. Fear

Many drug addicts in South Florida (or anywhere else) have behavioral changes that make kids, spouses, siblings, or parents afraid to talk to them. It might feel absurd when thinking of yourself like that, but drug and alcohol abuse are notorious for causing increased irritability and aggression. Even if you don’t realize it, your drug-influenced behavior might might not only avoid the topic of your drug abuse, but they’ll probably try to avoid you as much as possible.


Get the Help You Need

Should you find yourself with a drug addiction in South Florida and you’re worried it’s starting to negatively impact the people you love most in your life, contact us to get started with detox or rehab services. You can get in touch with us by calling (866) 319-6126 or submitting a contact form for yourself.

Increase the Chances that Your Drug Treatment is Successful

The Importance of Honesty

When heading into rehab, you need to understand that the staff and doctors giving providing drug treatment in Pompano have treated all kinds of addictions and substance abuse problems. They have seen it all, so to speak, from people of all races, creeds, religions, genders, and income levels, and they are not going to judge you negatively for having an addiction. If anything, they will see your going to rehab as an incredibly strong and noble act – they know how difficult it can be just to decide to end an addiction. Still, even when people know that, many addicts will omit vital pieces of information when entering a rehab facility.

The two most common things that people don’t mention to a rehab center when first signing up are mental illnesses and cases of dual diagnosis (which means the drug treatment client has an addiction to more than one drug). Both of these conditions can complicate the treatment process, and knowing that a client has either will help determine the best course to rehabilitate safely and effectively.


Mental Preparation

Successfully quitting a substance during rehab can get a big boost if you emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for certain parts of rehab.


Get Ready to Talk…

As shown in movies and television, whenever a character has a drug problem and goes through rehab, they are always shown talking to someone, be it through therapy, new acquaintances, or group meetings. Those scenes are just about the only thing entertainment gets right about rehab – you’re going to have to talk to some people and then talk some more to others. That talking goes a long way in helping quit.


…and Listen

As far as those group meetings are concerned, you are going to hear many addiction stories from other people. Don’t just “zone out” when others are talking – their experiences and words help addicts realize they’re not alone in getting drug treatment in Pompano Beach.


If you’re ready to give drug abuse treatment a shot, call us today or send us a message through our contact page to learn about our processes and more.