Alcohol Rehab in Pompano is Not a Joke

Have you ever thought about how prevalent alcohol use and abuse is when it comes to the movies we watch? When you take into consideration how much of an influence actors have over the viewing public, it can be easy to understand why so many people don’t view alcoholism as a serious condition. Movies like “The Hangover” (and its sequels), “Superbad”, “Spring Breakers”, “Old School”, “Animal House”, and the entire James Bond franchise (and many, many more movies), show drinking -often to excess- to be fun, sexy, cool, or liberating. However, there is nothing trivial whatsoever about needing alcohol rehab in Pompano.


US Alcohol Use Statistics

According to a survey done in 2015 by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a little more than 86 percent of those surveyed said that at some point or another had consumed alcohol. They also reported that over 70 percent of people had alcohol within the last year. Likewise, 56 percent of respondents said that they had drank alcohol at some point within the last month.


Beyond having a drink or two, the survey also reported that more than 26 percent of Americans 18 or older had participated in binge drinking over the last month, with 7 percent saying they used alcohol heavily over that same time period. While nearly everyone has some crazy story about having too much to drink here or there, these drinking statistics are especially scary when you see that there are around 88,000 deaths every year that are related to alcohol. Not only do these come in the form of drinking and driving, but also falls and other injuries as well as simply consuming more alcohol than the body can handle.


Of course, having a drink now and then is perfectly fine for those who can personally limit their intake. It’s when alcohol use disorder (AUD, far more commonly referred to as “alcoholism”) comes into play when drinking stops being fun like those movies show and starts being a very real problem.


Alcoholism and Alcohol Rehab in Pompano

The reality of the situation is that over 6 percent of the adult population suffers from alcoholism. While that might not seem like that big of a number to some people, think about all the people who are directly affected by those alcoholics’ behavior. Additionally, 2.5 percent of kids from 12 to 17 were also reported to have alcohol use disorder as well. And out of all the adults who had alcoholism, only 6.7 percent of alcoholics received any kind of alcohol rehab. Even more discouraging was that only 5.2 percent of those reported youth alcoholics received treatment.


When you compare the reality of death and alcoholism that our society faces, it can be difficult to think of drinking as fun as it’s shown to be in so many movies. If you know someone who has an alcohol abuse problem in Pompano, don’t just shrug it off. Recommend they seek alcohol rehab centers in Pompano or drug and alcohol rehab in Florida before they get hurt or worse.


Pompano Florida Detox:  How to Find the Best Treatment Center

Whether it is you or a loved one who has a substance abuse issue, finding the best treatment center detox in Pompano, Florida, is more than likely extremely important to you. Even if you are not sure if that’s the case, you found your way here and we applaud even just a small bit of curiosity in wanting to help yourself or another.


Whatever your situation, you have found yourself wondering about Pompano detox centers and which one will offer the best drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs for your specific scenario. When faced with trying to determine what is the best detox center in Pompano, understanding you or your family member’s needs and goals with rehabilitation are even more important than some potentially arbitrary ratings and reviews you find online. Nevertheless, here you will discover what you really need to consider when it comes to finding the best treatment center in Pompano for you or a loved one’s substance abuse.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment

Although inpatient substance abuse treatment programs have been found to be far more successful for patients, some people simply can’t make a clean break from their day to day lives to spend a few days or more for detox programs in Pompano. For these people, an outpatient detox program is their only choice. Those who can choose between one of the other, though, should absolutely take into account that their chances to achieve full sobriety are much higher when going through a residential rehab treatment program.


Because of that, there are really only two situations in which someone looking for substance abuse treatment should opt for outpatient rehab over inpatient detox. The first is those who, as mentioned above, don’t have the means to spend days away from their lives. The second is for those who have a relatively minor addiction to the substance. The best rehab centers in Pompano will have staff on hand ready to help you determine what kind of treatment plan is best suited for the patient’s needs.


Detox and Behavioral Health

One large factor that comes into question for alcohol and drug rehab centers in Pompano is the patient’s mental health. Depending on the patient’s current mental health and if she or he has a history (or family history) of mental illness, the Pompano detox center will approach the rehab through different ways.


Likewise, a dual diagnosis (addiction to two or more substance) will require special care as well and is often especially difficult during the initial detox period.


Relating to Others

Another thing to consider when looking for an alcohol or drugs detox center in Pompano is whether or not the person who needs rehab will be able to connect on any level with other patients in the facility. If you fall into a demographic that’s vastly different than those found in Pompano, there is a chance that a detox center in that city won’t be a good fit. If this is the case, you might want to consider going through rehab outside of Pompano in an area where there is a larger population of people closer to your age group or education level – mostly so you will feel more comfortable around the other patients while you all work together toward sobriety.


Contact and/or Tour the Facility

After you have found a detox center in Pompano that seems to fit your needs, contact them right away and ask questions of them until every last bit of curiosity about the facility is satiated. If you are still unsure about whether it’s a good Pompano, Florida, detox house for you, request a tour of the facility to help finalize your decision.


Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida | How To find the Best Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are looking for the best alcohol treatment centers in Florida, you likely already have a lot on your mind already. However, and just like any other service you might be in need of, not all drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida are alike. That does not necessarily mean that one is better than another (although that can be the case in some circumstances), but that there will likely be a best alcohol treatment facility in Florida for you or your loved one.

Keep in mind that if someone needs help, any of the drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida are more than likely going to be sufficient to help break the addiction. That being said, don’t hold out on going to a rehabilitation facility simply because the center that’s convenient to you doesn’t offer exactly what you want – going through any rehab is superior to waiting when that wait just means you and your loved ones have to continue suffering through hard times.

Nevertheless, if you have the chance to “comparison shop” (for lack of a better term) for an addiction treatment center, there are two primary things that should drive your search: treatments offered and the comfort of the addict.


Alcohol Addiction Treatments to Consider

As implied above, different alcohol rehab centers in Florida use different methods to treat alcoholism. Usually, these varying methods are in place to address the unique situations that people are in when substance abuse takes over their lives.


Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis

Two very important aspects that need to be considered when looking for a good alcohol rehab facility in Florida are the mental health of the patient and whether there is a dual diagnosis at play. From south Florida to Pensacola and everywhere else in the state, those two aspects need to be considered by anyone looking for alcohol detox.

Possible mental illnesses and dual diagnoses change how a rehab facility approaches the patient’s path to sobriety. Note: “dual diagnosis” in relation to alcohol and drug abuse means addictions to more than one substance.


Patient Comfort

In mentioning comfort here, we don’t mean physical comfort as any Florida rehab center with inpatient treatment will offer excellence in the way of peacefulness and physical comfort. What we mean here is comfort in being able to express oneself. Because of this, many Florida detox centers offer treatment options where patients with similar backgrounds are kept together. Treatment programs can be built around nearly anything, including age groups, languages, religion (or lack thereof), career paths (professionals, veterans, etc.), and more.


Alcoholism Affects More than the Patient

Finding the best alcohol rehab center in Florida for you or a family member will also mean thinking about how much -or little- the addiction treatment program will have the patient’s family participate. Family therapy sessions done right can even mean the difference between successfully treating the alcoholism through rehab in Florida versus facing relapse after relapse. Likewise, these treatments help family members understand how difficult fighting addiction can be and helps them better assist a loved one going through alcohol detox.

Keeping these things in mind can help you find the right alcohol rehab facility for you and the important people in your life.

south florida detox

Where To find the Best Facility for Detox in South Florida

If you have made your way here to find a substance abuse treatment rehab center or detox facility in Florida, it helps to understand that there is no “one size fits all” rehab center out there. Whether you’re in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Miami, or Orlando, finding the best rehab center in Florida is more important than you may think. Getting treatment that caters to your individual needs is a critical part of your recovery and overall health. Keep reading to learn more about finding the best rehab and detox in Florida.

Finding the Best Rehab in Florida 

Since this is the case, it’s important for you to focus on finding a recovery facility that will work to make your journey to recovery a successful and comfortable one. Locating a Florida rehab and detox center that will work best for you may be a little intimidating, which is why we’re here to help! The journey to recovery can be just as fulfilling as the actual end result. We’d like to help you see that. Keep reading to learn more about the best rehab in Florida.

Why Detox in Florida

From the beauty of the coastline to the white sandy beaches and endless activities, the state of Florida is an amazing place for your emotional and physical well-being. The amazing environment makes Florida the best place for a rehab program. The calming vacation-like setting of Florida allows you to put all attention on detox and recovery, rather than your home environment which may have lots of distractions such as work, family, or friends.

It will be much easier to put the past behind you and focus on recovery when you’re in a happier and more balanced state of mind. Many people don’t realize how affected they are by the weather until they’re in a place with sunshine and warmth almost year-round. 

There are also many physical benefits that choosing to undergo rehab and detox in Florida offers. You can go walking on the beach or take a nice dip in the ocean. The warmth opens up a lot more options for physical activity. It doesn’t seem like much of a chore to exercise when it’s on a beach with white sand and clear water!

The seaside setting creates a different kind of therapy that you’ll find is highly effective and overall a really pleasant experience. If you’re used to the city, this will be a day and night difference for you. Come see for yourself – we’re waiting!

Fun Activities in Florida

Distraction can be a great thing sometimes, especially when the distraction is benefiting your physical and mental state. It’s a really important element when finding the best rehab in Florida and seeing what they have to offer. You need a steady flow of things to distract you from any pestering thoughts about addiction or the past during your road to recovery. Even more importantly, you need to learn that sobriety is immensely fulfilling with no shortage of fun things to do!

There are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy, such as:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback riding
  • Relaxing
  • Shore and pier fishing
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Outdoor barbeques
  • Boating

If you’re wondering why drug rehabs and detox in Florida are so popular, these are a handful of the many reasons. There’s always something fun that you can partake in. Concerts, art shows, outdoor markets and many other entertaining activities and events give you lots of ways to enjoy your time –  all the while remaining sober. 

The road to recovery will be a lot smoother when you realize how many different ways there are to enjoy life when you’re sober.

Best Detox in Florida

Located in the center between Palm Beach and Miami, Pompano Beach is often called “the Heart of the Gold Coast.” Our drug detox center in Florida offers treatment for many substances of abuse, available for each client. Each individual plan is personalized and tailored according to the information collected from a Comprehensive Nursing Assessment and Evaluation, Admission Urine Drug Screen, History & Physical Assessment, Initial Psychiatric Evaluation, Clinical Interview and the Intake Process.

Our clients are assigned a primary counselor that works with them to evaluate their needs throughout treatment. Both client and clinician work together to develop the Individualized Treatment Plan. Clients and their counselor will also conduct on-going reviews of their Treatment Plan to review the client’s progress, or re-direct the patient should they show any kind of regression.

Our detox center in Florida will address the physical aspect of addiction, but it will most often takes months for the brain to return to normal healthy functioning. Also, addiction tends to require more than just physical help. The psychological aspects of why a person developed a problem with drugs and/or alcohol need to be acknowledged after a drug detox program is complete.

Here at 1st Step, we offer a full recovery plan and treatment available to transition you or a loved one who complete detox into the next phase necessary to ensure a sober recovery.

Each Addiction is Unique

One of the most important things to remember in regards to substance abuse is that every case of addiction is different and unique. For those who have never had to deal with these issues themselves, alcohol and drug abuse can seem like the exact same problem. 

However, everyone who is fighting some kind of substance abuse has his or her own story to tell and a path that can lead to sober living. Whether a person is suffering from an addiction to heroin, alcohol, prescription painkillers, or anything else, the individual’s story will be different from anyone else’s. 

Movies like “Trainspotting” might make quitting seem as simple as locking yourself in a room for a few days while subsisting on creamy soups, but addiction can have a grip on some people so strong that they simply can’t quit on their own, no matter how hard they try. That’s where substance abuse treatment via detox centers comes into play. 

Every case of addiction is different and all of those who struggle with substance abuse have specific needs. So, finding the best place for rehab and detox in Florida is highly dependent upon the facility’s ability to personalize treatment.

Mental Health Concerns

Along with the addiction itself, the underlying causes of the patient’s substance abuse will need to be treated. This will help the individual to really begin the road to a successful life of sobriety. If individuals can get help for the causes of their addiction problems, then they can successfully move forward with treatment, having the skills and resources they need in order to prevent those underlying causes to hinder their recovery process or lead to relapse.

In many cases, mental illness is a huge factor in addiction. Millions of people are diagnosed with substance use disorders as well as mental health challenges every year. 

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Those who deal with two or more of these co-occurring disorders have what is called a “dual diagnosis” and will require mental health-geared treatment alongside detox. When an individual has co-occurring disorders, it is absolutely necessary for the person to go through a treatment program that focuses on all of the challenges he or she is experiencing. If the rehab program is focused only on the patients’ addiction problems, it’s likely that they will detox from alcohol or drug use and then relapse because they were not equipped with the skills they needed in order to address their mental health challenges in a healthy way. 

On the other hand, focusing heavily on the symptoms of mental health disorders without dealing with the addiction problem will also be unhelpful to the individual. Dual diagnosis treatment programs are dedicated to helping people find total healing and become physically, mentally, and emotionally well. In many cases of co-occurring disorders, people become addicted to drugs or alcohol because of the obstacles they face while living with a mental health disorder. 

In other cases, individuals develop behavioral or mental health disorders as a result of their addiction problems. But, in either case, individuals can overcome the negative effects of their co-occurring disorders with the help of a dual diagnosis treatment program. If you know that you or your loved one has a history of behavioral health problems or other mental illness, you should inform the facilities you contact to determine whether or not they have the tools to treat that as well as offering substance abuse treatment. 

While you are looking for the best detox center in Florida, it will be helpful to look for one that focuses on helping you or your loved one to work address mental health problems as well as addiction.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment at Florida Rehab Centers

There are many types of treatment programs for substance abuse in Florida rehab centers. People can go through inpatient, outpatient, or partial hospitalization programs. The type of treatment that is best for a person will depend on his or her personal needs. 

In most cases of alcoholism or drug addiction, however, inpatient treatment is recommended. However, if that option isn’t fitting for you, rehabilitation is worth going through outpatient substance abuse treatment. For some patients, this can be the only option available to them because of other obligations and responsibilities. Regardless, there is always a way to make time for treatment on the road to recovery. 

Inpatient Program – Let’s Get to the Specifics

Our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program for people with alcohol or other substance abuse disorders provides 24-hour care in a safe and secure environment. Each individual entering treatment will be given an evaluation with a professional to decide upon which level of care will best suit them and to determine a personalized plan for recovery. This is formulated according to the information collected from a Comprehensive Nursing Assessment and Evaluation, Admission Urine Drug Screen, History & Physical Assessment, Initial Psychiatric Evaluation, Clinical Interview and the Intake Process. 

Each client has a primary counselor that works with them to evaluate their needs throughout treatment. Clients and their counselors also conduct on-going reviews of their Treatment Plan to assess the client’s progress, and to determine when it’s time to transition to the next level of care. Generally, inpatient substance abuse treatment programs are followed by a residential treatment program, but outpatient treatment is also available for those seeking a more flexible environment at a rehab center in Florida.

Outpatient Program – Let’s Get to the Specifics

Outpatient programs provide a number of benefits to those in drug addiction treatment. Quality facilities still provide evidence-based therapies. However, it’s a more flexible format for those not being able to commit 24/7. Rather than having to be at the location from day to night, patients will have scheduled sessions at the facility. 

Not all patients are able to be at a Florida rehab center full time, all the time. After weeks of detox and inpatient rehab, they may need to return to home or work obligations. This could include caring for children, helping elderly family members or working.

On the bright side, patients don’t have to give up their responsibilities in order to continue their recovery journeys at a rehab or detox center in Florida. Outpatient programs allow plenty of time for work or family obligations.

Substance abuse poses a unique challenge for many patients. It can be hard to go from a 24/7 care environment to one of complete independence. Outpatient care can bridge the gap while lowering the chances of relapse.

Begin Your Road to Recovery with the Best Rehab Center in Florida

Florida has many rehab and detox centers available to help get alcoholism or drug addiction out of your life for good. Here at 1st Step Behavioral Health, we offer detox and treatment services for those who are looking for a rehab or detox facility. Reach out to us here or call us at (866) 319-6126 to learn more – we can’t wait to hear from you!