Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

A man struggles with meth withdrawal symptomsMethamphetamine, or meth, is an incredibly addictive, destructive drug. You might already know this if you use the drug or know someone who does. Often, people build a dependency to the substance over time. However, once someone becomes dependent on the drug, they’ll do anything to obtain it. As tolerance builds, more meth is necessary to experience the same euphoric effects. Therefore, when a user makes the important decision to get clean, they’ll have to go through meth withdrawal symptoms first.

Meth Addiction

Meth is one of the most devastatingly addictive illicit substances. Typically, users smoke, inhale, or inject it. Manufacturers make it with caustic chemicals which are very hard on the body. Because you can become severely dependent on it after just one use, it should be unsurprising how dangerous the drug is.

Commonly, meth users exhibit wakefulness and appetite decrease. If a loved one abuses meth, you might notice they’re constantly picking at their skin as well. Additionally, they may lose weight because their brain stops releasing hunger signals.

Furthermore, as with any drug addiction, it’s hard for users to recognize they have a problem. Likewise, it’s even harder for loved ones to watch someone close to them struggle with addiction. Regardless, going through detox and withdrawal are necessary steps for reaching lasting sobriety.

Typical Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Most people understand how uncomfortable the detoxification process is. Going through withdrawal can be painful as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t attempt the process alone. Instead, finding a qualified detox treatment facility where you can safely withdrawal under medical supervision is ideal.

What are the common meth withdrawal symptoms? Within a few hours of ending drug use, people typically experience:

Furthermore, withdrawal symptoms may last about one or two weeks, with the strongest effects occurring within the first couple days. In severe cases, effects appear within four weeks after drug use ends.

Thus, because meth withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable, it’s not surprising that many people continue to use. Unfortunately, this spiral only makes things worse and delays healing.

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