Mental Health Treatment

A man considers mental health treatmentFor anyone with mental illness, getting help is crucial. Rehabilitation can be the difference between managing symptoms and falling victim to addiction. Unfortunately, people with mental illness have a higher chance of developing addiction based on neurological factors. Overall, it’s difficult for users to achieve long-term sobriety if they have an undiagnosed psychological disorder. Therefore, the right drug rehab provides mental health treatment for clients who need it.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Not everyone with a mental illness self-medicates with drugs or alcohol. However, abusing drugs or alcohol and, consequently, developing an addiction makes your illness worse.

Furthermore, when people attempt to numb anxiety and depression with drug abuse, they aren’t learning ineffective coping techniques. Additionally, if you’re taking prescription medication for your mental illness, other drugs and alcohol can interfere with your ability to get clean.

Often, people avoid getting mental illness treatment because they feel shame. Many experience judgment from people who don’t understand the complexities of these illnesses. Don’t feel discouraged, and understand these judgments come from ignorance. Not everyone has a good support system that’s ready to help them through treatment. Therefore, you may have to take the first step by getting help for both harrowing conditions.

Furthermore, a good rehab facility recognizes mental health treatment as part of recovery. This is because people suffering from mental illness are often susceptible to addictive behavior. Qualified professionals understand this, and many provide dual diagnosis treatment for these co-occurring disorders.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

When people with mental illness abuse drugs or alcohol, they have, what’s called, a co-occurring disorder. Mental illnesses often stem from anxiety, such as PTSD or panic disorder. However, others are more severe, like schizophrenia. Overall, it doesn’t matter where someone falls on the mental illness spectrum because anyone can develop an addiction if they don’t receive proper care.

Contributing factors to co-occurring disorders include:

While you have no control over some factors, such as heredity, how you cope with traumatic or stressful events makes a difference.

It may seem easy to numb pain with drugs or alcohol instead of getting therapy for confronting these issues. You might think you don’t need therapy because you don’t have a more serious illness like schizophrenia.

However, anytime you turn to addictive substances instead of seeking treatment for a mental illness, you’re prolonging dependence. Eventually, your mental health deteriorates as addiction worsens.

Recovering With 1st Step Behavioral Health

We understand the importance of mental health treatment as an effective recovery program. Fortunately, at 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida, we treat both addictions and co-occurring disorders.

Help is always available from caring and qualified staff. Our facility gives you the necessary support to make it through recovery and reach successful sobriety. Your long-term happiness is important to us, so we’ll devise a unique plan for addressing your individual needs.

Our treatment programs cover:

With treatment from a quality rehab facility, you can conquer addiction instead of letting it control you. We’ll guide you on the road to recovery. Call us today at (855) 425-4846.

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