Nickolette Moore

Last Updated: Mar 30th 2023

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Nickolette Moore

Nickolette Moore is an Admissions Coordinator at 1st Step Behavioral Health with over two years of experience in the substance and behavioral health industry.

Nickolette has been in recovery for five years and understands firsthand the challenges that individuals and families face when seeking treatment for addiction and mental health issues. Her greatest accomplishment is giving herself another chance after almost giving up, and she brings this resilience and determination to her work every day. She is driven to work in the field of substance abuse and behavioral health to help others who are struggling and to remind herself of where she came from.

In her free time, Nickolette enjoys reading and photography. One fun fact that not many people know about Nickolette is that she is not Irish. However, her greatest asset as a valued team member at 1st Step is her unique perspective and experience. Having been both a client and staff member, Nickolette has been a part of the 1st Step community for almost seven years and brings a deep understanding of the facility’s culture and values to her role as an Admissions Coordinator.

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