Martin Waddington

Last Updated: Aug 11th 2021

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Martin Waddington

Martin Waddington has been a part of the 1st Step family since 2011, first as a client and now as a well-respected staff member. Martin’s personal recovery fuels his drive and passion to help clients who are in need. In his first position as a Case Manager at 1st Step Behavioral Health, Martin proved to be a great asset to the team and while continuing his education, he has now taken on the position of Outpatient Clinician. His education and years of recovery experience have given him the opportunity to become a great clinician for our clients in the early stages of recovery. As a transplant from Pennsylvania to Florida in 2011, Martin now calls Palm Beach County home and considers the 1st Step family a part of his own.

“After arriving at 1st Step as a client I immediately understood what a special place it was and am eternally grateful to be able to carry 1st Step’s mission to other recovering addicts in an effort to help them with the same levels of care and compassion that were shown to me.”

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