Some people see rehab as an inconvenient step to recovery. Isn’t it possible for you or your loved one to just kick the habit and stop using at home? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pull yourself up by the bootstraps, take off work for a week, and do your own free drug therapy? Sure, it would be a great plan if it worked. However, all the research indicates that when you’re aiming for true, maintained sobriety, nothing beats a high-quality professional West Palm Beach drug rehab facility.

Getting Help Isn’t Popular, but It’s Necessary

beach outside of a west palm beach drug rehab centerCiting the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that only about 18% of those who need treatment for drug or alcohol use actual receive it. Half of those who made the decision to get help opted for a treatment program that specializes in helping with detox, recovery, and reintegration into daily life. The agency goes on to state that there are certain hallmarks of effective programs. Some of these include:

  • A complex approach to recovery. Because addiction isn’t simple, a treatment center’s philosophy shouldn’t be either. Each case is different, and each addiction sufferer is a unique individual with different needs, wants, goals and obstacles.
  • Options for inpatient and outpatient treatments. By giving those in need of assistance multiple options, they can customize a path to wellness that fits in with daily needs, lifestyles, and family obligations.
  • Availability of medication. The medical approach to addiction treatment makes getting and staying sober a possibility for some individuals. This is particularly true when there is an added behavioral therapy component. Once again, this approach doesn’t suit everyone but should be available to those who benefit from it.

Looking at the Programs of a Great West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Facility

Plenty of West Palm Beach drug rehab centers offer the flexibility the National Institute on Drug Addiction recommends. Health care professionals recognize the need for a custom treatment plan. This kind of plan that also includes the family is an excellent way of fostering a support network that benefits the client after completion of intensive rehab. However, when you want to differentiate from one facility to the next, it makes sense to look past the treatment programs of the glossy brochures and get down to the basics.

How will a treatment program fit into your personal life? How will it assist you with the challenges that you’ll likely face today, tomorrow, and a year from now?

  • Caring environment. A facility can have every therapy option in place. However, if those in recovery don’t feel that the staff cares about them, it won’t matter. Having genuinely caring professionals who treat the whole person and see each client as a unique individual is crucial.
  • Therapies geared toward family healing. No matter where you fit into your family unit, at some point, those closest to you have experienced the consequences of your addiction. Working with a therapy provider to involve them and heal strained relationships is vital.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment. Did you fall into the trap of drug use because you have an underlying condition? Therapists with the ability to perform dual diagnosis treatments are essential for individuals suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Getting Help Now is Possible!

Don’t let addiction control your life for another day. There are friendly, caring experts ready to answer your questions. Call (855) 425-4846 to get help from West Palm Beach drug rehab specialists.

Reviewed for Medical & Clinical Accuracy by Brittany Polansky, MSW, LCSW

Brittany has been working in behavioral health since 2012 and is the Assistant Clinical Director at our facility. She is an LCSW and holds a master’s degree in social work. She has great experience with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health diagnoses as well as various therapeutic techniques. Brittany is passionate about treating all clients with dignity and respect, and providing a safe environment where clients can begin their healing journey in recovery.