Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources in Coral Springs, Florida

Are you looking for addiction treatment resources in Coral Springs, Florida? Read this guide for statistics and support network information.

Around half of the people with mental health issues also have substance abuse issues. But what if you need treatment for both? The easiest thing to do is enroll in a rehab center that handles addiction and other mental health issues.

With the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse being so rampant, it is vital to evaluate the resources available to handle these issues. Here, we will discuss where you can find treatment resources in Coral Springs, Florida.

Below is an assessment of the treatment resources in Coral Springs, Florida.

Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Coral Springs, Florida

To an addict, it doesn’t matter that the drug harms them, or the people around them. This is why the substance abuse epidemic is a dangerous one. It is also why seeking professional help is very important.

They can also end up harming their family. There are facilities located across the country for help with addiction.

How Many treatment Centers are in Coral Springs, Florida

There are many rehab facilities in Coral Springs, Florida. Listings can be found of at least 13 different treatment centers in the area. Of course, this includes our own resources located in the same area.

If you are considering drug and alcohol treatment around Coral Springs, there is a variety to choose from. Below, we’re going to take a look at the places you can get a Colorado Springs detox. We’ll also take a look at what factors you need to consider when you’re choosing a drug rehab facility.

Also, we’ll cover a brief overview of substance abuse statistics and mental health. These are all things that are related to effective drug and alcohol treatment.

What types of Treatment Centers are in Coral Springs, Florida

There are many types of Coral Springs treatment facilities. They all handle a variety of addictions, both to do with drugs and alcohol. Their differences are in the customers they are marketed to.

Some, like Helping Hands Recovery Centre, caters to women. The Bougainvilla House Family Therapy Centre focuses on treating teens and young adults. Thus, there are several different types of facilities targeting different groups.

There are also some facilities that provide a well-rounded range of programs. These programs that have adaptations to anyone. 1st Step Behavioural Health is one such facility.

What programs are offered in Coral Springs, Florida

The types of programs offered in the area are varied. There are many detox programs that can be found in Coral Springs. Detox programs have the medical staff help a patient through the withdrawal symptoms.

These services can vary from handling seizures to providing medication that eases withdrawal. Another type of service is inpatient drug rehab. This is the type of rehab that most people are familiar with.

It requires the patient to stay within the center for the duration of the rehab. Other services range from outpatient drug rehab to partial hospitalization programs.

Coral Springs, Florida Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re not alone in this struggle

There is a definite substance abuse issue in Coral Springs and the surrounding areas. Data shows that the most abused substance is alcohol. Additionally, the next most commonly abused drug is marijuana.

For patients over the age of 34, substance abuse was primarily alcoholic. However, marijuana was the primary drug for adolescents and youths. Research shows that the negative attitude towards using marijuana has decreased over time.

It had a negative view from 80 percent of adolescents in 2010. Now, the number has reduced to 72 percent.

When it comes to opioids, the most commonly used substance is fentanyl. Deaths resulting from overdoses of fentanyl have increased by more than 50 percent. In the past, heroin was the most commonly found opioid in the area. Now, fentanyl has taken over.

The increase in drug abuse is a serious health concern for mental health. There is a connection between mental health and substance abuse.

Most mental health patients with anxiety disorder have had experience with substance abuse. 43 percent of people in treatment for substance abuse have a mental health issue.

Coral Springs, Florida Recovery Meetings Near Me

There is a thriving recovery community in the area. Many meetings are available for support. While there are no local Nar-Anon meetings, there are NA meetings. One can also go to neighboring areas such as Cooper City to access Nar-Anon meetings.

There is an active community to assist with alcohol addiction as well, both with AA and Al-Anon.

There are alcohol addiction recovery meetings in Coral Springs at the following locations:


– Safety Town, Wednesday 8:00 pm, 520 Ramblewood Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071

– 101 CLUB, Thursday 10:00 am, Pompano Beach, FL 33060


– Serenity on the Shore, Sunday 10:00 AM, 3424 NE 16th ST Pompano Beach, 33062

– AFG (Beginner), Monday 6:30 PM, Royal Palm Christian Church, 9600 Royal Palm Blvd.,

There are drug addiction recovery meetings in Coral Springs at the following locations:


– Church of the Palms, Sunday 8:00am, 1960 North Swinton Avenue

– Jubilee Ministry, Monday 6.00pm, 2020 Scott Street

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Coral Springs, Florida

Drug treatment in Coral Springs is mostly in-patient. This is done for the sake of focusing on detoxification.

Withdrawal symptoms without support can be dangerous for the patient’s health. They can also motivate the patient to return to drugs. Facilities such as 1st Step Behavioural Health also offer Partial Hospitalization Programs.

These do not need total isolation in the facility. Alcohol dependency treatment programs exist both for inpatient and outpatient situations.

Getting Help in Coral Springs, Florida: How to Choose the Right Facility

Choosing a facility in Coral Springs depends on the type of demographic that you fall into. If you are a young to middle-aged mother, there are specific facilities for you.

Places like Helping Hands cater specifically to this demographic. But, this is just an example. There are many other facilities catering to specific patient types.

However, there are also other all-rounder facilities that cater to any type of patient. With these facilities, one of the other factors to consider would be the type of programs they offer. Some offer simple detox services while others do in-depth rehabilitation.

Lastly, you can consider the price of these packages and your own budget.

Mental Health Services in Coral Springs, Florida

We’ve already discussed the connection between mental health and drug addiction. You can also get it separately. There are facilities like Neuro-Wellness TMS. There are also experts like Brett Negin and Layota Jackson.

Treatment Resources in Coral Springs, Florida

Addiction is a disease that has been growing in the United States. Addiction to drugs and alcohol creates compulsive needs to get and use drugs by any means.

Without the help of an expert, an addict can end up harming himself or herself. This information should, therefore, be useful when exploring treatment resources in Coral Springs, Florida.

For more information on programs available, you can contact us to talk to a representative.

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