Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Davie, Florida

Do you know of anyone in need of help due to drug and alcohol abuse? Davie, Florida treatment facilities is one of the best.

Drug and substance abuse can make you neglect your duties and personal health. Also, substance abuse can lead to death due to overdose.

Whenever you notice you are dependent on drugs, you need to seek help. Others may not be aware of the fact that they are abusing drugs and may need someone else to point out. Ensure that all your friends and loved ones are safe.

More than 82% of people say that substance abuse can cripple one’s finances, and people with alcohol and substance abuse end up in debt.

Here are drug, alcohol and treatment statistics and support network information. Read on for more information about treatment resources in Davie, Florida.

1. Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Davie, Florida

If you or your loved one is looking for a drug rehab facility, they can try one of the Davie, Florida treatment facilities. Before one recovers from drug and substance abuse, they have a detox. Luckily, Florida has some of the best detox and rehab centers. Check out some things to consider before choosing a facility.

a. How Many treatment Centers are in Davie, Florida

Davie, Florida has a high number of rehab facilities. This is because it is near Hollywood, and most people move from Hollywood to enjoy the serene environment. Additionally, being away from what triggers drug abuse is always a good thing and helps you recover quickly.

b. What Types of Treatment Centers are in Davie, Florida?

There are two types of treatment centers in Florida. The inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers.

The inpatient treatment program is 24-hour care live in the facility program. They dedicate all their time and attention to the patients as they recover.

The outpatient treatment program allows more flexibility to the people in the program. Hence it will enable you to continue with your regular lives. You are supposed to meet in the clinic for a couple of times during the week.

c. What Programs are Offered in Davie, Florida?

They offer drug and substance rehabilitation programs. This is to help you recover from any substance abuse and lead a healthy life.

Moreover, they have eating disorder treatment centers, which help you if you have an eating disorder and any body image issues.

2. Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re Not Alone In This Struggle

In 2016 7.1% of the total population had a substance use disorder. Most of the people affected were adolescents and adults age 12 and above.

This shows that you are not alone and if you find that you have a substance abuse problem, then you need to look for help.

a. General Statistics About The History Of Drug Abuse In Davies Florida

Most of the youths from the age of 12 are involved in substance abuse or have tried using drugs. In a 2016 survey 9.4% of 8th graders, 23.9% of 10th graders and 35.6% of 12th graders had used Marijuana in the past year.

This shows that a lot of young people involve themselves in drug and substance abuse.

b. List Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse Statistics In Davies, Florida

These include prescription and illicit drugs. The use of illegal drugs has been on the decline among youths due to awareness campaigns.

• Prescription Types Of Drugs

The rate of abusing prescription drugs among the youth declined by 4% from 2002 to 2003. This shows that most teens stopped abusing prescription drugs.

• Illicit Drugs

The use of illegal drugs declined in 2013 with 8.8%. Most youths have been undergoing awareness and have stopped the use of illicit drugs.

c. Statistics About Mental Health And The Connection To Drug Abuse

Most of the people who developed substance use disorders were also diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Around 60% of adolescents who are in a rehab center for substance and drug abuse were found to be suffering from another mental disorder.

d. Statistics About The Demographics Of Users

Most of the substance abuse users are youths. This could be because of peer pressure and lack of proper drug education.

3. Recovery Meetings Near Me

If you want to find the recovery meetings near you. You can easily go to the internet and enter your area zip code and name. A list of all the nearby places will be shown, and you can choose.

a. List of AA, NA, SMART, Al-Anon, Nar-Anon Meetings with address

• Caring therapists of Broward

Phone- (954) 573-1845
Davie, Florida 33328

• Principles recovery center

Phone- (833) 475-0065
Davie Florida 33314

• Holistic recovery centers

Phone-(954) 621-1922

• Helping hands recovery center

Phone-(954) 371-0952
Davie, Florida- 33314

b. A General Overview Of The Recovery Community

After undergoing rehabilitation in Davies, Florida, you tend to get back on track. This is because the program they run allows you to adjust slowly. This minimizes the chances of any slip-ups.

c. Any Organizations, Non-Profits, Charity Events, Etc. That Help With Addiction In Davies Florida

Rehabilitation centers can be very costly. For this reason, there are some charity events, organizations, and non-profits programs that help with addiction. Churches are always on the forefront to provide these services.

4. Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

a. Inpatient Treatment

This is the most important part of rehabilitation. It involves the detox period, and it needs proper care and monitoring. At this stage, there are severe, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

b. Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is another option if you can’t afford to get out of some of the daily activities like school and work. You have to attend group meetings to monitor your progress.

5. Getting Help: How to Choose the Right Facility

When it comes to choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment for you. You need to consider the location of the center. Additionally, you need to look at the services they offer. Also, you can look at how much they charge for the rehabilitation period

a. What To Look For When Choosing A Facility

You can look at whether they offer outpatient or inpatient treatment program. This is to decide which treatment program best suits you.

6. Mental Health Services

Mental health issues may cause you to abuse drugs and alcohol. Mental health issues include depression and anxiety.

This could be because of stress and too much pressure in life. You need to learn how to deal with mental health issues correctly.

a. Number Of Mental Health Facilities

Mental health experts see 703 patients each year. This high number calls for the increase in the number of mental health facilities.

b. Mental Health Experts

Mental health experts are enough to ensure that you get the needed care. The mental health experts are in the ratio of 1 is to 703 patients.

c. The Connection Between Mental Health And Drug Abuse

Most of the patients suffering from mental health disorders have a dependence on drugs. This leads to drug and alcohol abuse.

Bottom Line

Treatment resources in Davie, Florida, are some of the best. Check in to any center and get much-needed help. Click here and learn about some steps to take to manage and stop drug and alcohol abuse.

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