Fighting Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Palm Beach, FL

The Treatment Process for Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Palm Beach, FLDrug & alcohol abuse in Palm Beach, FL is surprisingly misunderstood. Many people harbor misconceptions about drug and alcohol addiction, such as the idea that addiction results mainly from a lack of willpower. Addiction is essentially a brain disease because the vital functions of the brain are changed by the substance being used and the addiction. When people begin using drugs or alcohol, they are generally not intending to become addicted.

They might be using alcohol to self-medicate another mental health issue or deal with a tough situation, or they might be taking painkillers for chronic pain after surgery or for another illness. When the substance makes them feel better or feel normal, they keep taking more of it to repeat that feeling. However, the body begins to build a tolerance to substances such as drugs or alcohol and the user will need to use more of it in order to experience the same feelings of pleasure or normality. About 10% of any population has issues with addiction, and the statistics regarding drug & alcohol abuse in Palm Beach, FL are certainly no different.

Fighting Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Palm Beach, FL

In order to fight drug & alcohol abuse in Palm Beach, FL, what is needed more than anything else is proper education and treatment. Education about drug & alcohol abuse in Palm Beach, FL makes it clearer to people affected by addiction what the disease is and how it progresses. Because addiction is a progressive disease, it doesn’t simply get better by itself, or once the addicted person finds enough willpower to quit. In fact, drug and alcohol use only get worse as time goes by and the negative consequences of using begin to pile up.

However, you don’t have to hit rock bottom and lose everything in your life to start getting help for your addiction. In fact, losing your health and job are very late stage symptoms of addiction, so it’s important to make the decision to get help before these two things are in jeopardy. In the short-term, the things more immediately affected by addiction are relationships and your mental state. If you can recognize the damage that your addiction is doing to the people around you and your own self-esteem, then you can make the decision to reach out for help.

The Treatment Process for Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Palm Beach, FL

Very often the first step to treating drug & alcohol abuse in Palm Beach, FL is a period of medical detox. The key is to understand that this is only the beginning stage of treatment and enrolling in professional drug rehab is the very important next step. The preferred model of treatment is a step-down process where you enroll in a residential program to begin with, then step down to PHP and then onto intensive outpatient and general outpatient. Each level of treatment becomes less intense as you start showing signs of recovery, and then you will usually participate in some manner of aftercare program.

At 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, the focus is on treating patients as individuals and not just another case of addiction. Even though addiction is a disease, it is a highly personal disease that depends on a range of different factors that vary widely from person to person.

Addiction cannot be treated at home and the only answer is professional rehab. Give 1st Step Behavioral Health a call right now at (855) 425-4846 to find out more.

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