Florida can be a tricky place for those susceptible to addiction.  Due to its geopolitical location, illicit drugs of all kinds flow into it, and it is often the first stop for drug pushers. While it is more likely for a person to develop an addiction in places like this, it doesn’t mean that that person has to stay addicted. If you or someone you care about needs to find a place to detox, people Broward County have a place that will help in that noble endeavor with First Step. But what goes on in places like rehab centers? What can the unfortunate souls who need these places expect while going through detox?

Depression, Fatigue

One of the first things to note is that after an someone becomes addicted, the chemical they are dependent on becomes part of the body’s new “normal” state. When that is taken away from a body, it begins to go through withdrawal. If you’ve ever had a really big cup of coffee or something similar and suffered the aftereffects, you might understand some of the early stages of detox. Brain activity slows down, making the addict susceptible to depression and other negative feelings, and the body becomes fatigued and sluggish.

Anxiety, Sweating

There are also other symptoms, less pleasant, less relatable. Addicts in detox will often feel generally anxious, which is the body’s warning system alerting the active mind that something isn’t right (or in this case, continuing to be wrong). They’ll begin sweating, sometimes clammy, cold sweat, sometimes sweat like their body is unbearably warm.

Seizures, Vomiting, Hallucinations

Some of the most extreme examples of withdrawal symptoms in detox are the most dangerous ones. Vomiting can happen regardless of real nauseating factors, and if it happens to a person who is unconscious, it can choke and kill. Also, a brain not under its “normal” brain chemistry can undergo heavy self-inflicted trauma. Seizures are the most extreme example of this trauma, and if not supervised, can lead to death. Hallucinations are a less extreme, but still disturbing, example. Seeing something that is not real can be very terrifying and traumatic, and can easily persuade someone to abandon their rehab on their own.

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