Drug Rehab for Men in Pompano

During inpatient rehab at nearly every rehab center in Pompano, patients will have a roommate who is the same gender as them. However, the group therapy sessions, meetings, and activities will usually consist of patients of any gender. If you are a man who would prefer to go through a drug rehab program that allows only adult males, that kind of program is available as well.


Men’s Rehab Helps Addicts Connect

When going into drug rehab for men, it may be easy for you to network with other patients. This is because you will be more likely to be able to relate to the other men in the program with you than you might with women rehab patients or other non-binary genders in a program that mixes everyone together.

By being able to build relationships with other men in a fairly quick timespan, you can gain benefits that go beyond just having entertaining conversations. In particular, having relationships with other patients means you will have emotional support if hit a rough patch while you’re in the rehab center or after you’ve gone through the program.


Staying Focused on the Goal

For many, drug rehab for men in Pompano is a better choice for their substance abuse treatment since they will be better able to stay focused on the therapies and classes. This is the case because people of other genders can end up fixating on those people -for any number of reasons- and ignore whatever is happening during  the group session.


Your Spouse and Rehab

The spouse of a man going into rehab will likely also prefer that their husband goes through inpatient drug rehab for men in Pompano. Seeing as men in inpatient programs aren’t sleeping at home, it makes sense that their spouses would prefer they spend the time away from home hanging out with other men. This can go a long way in giving a man’s spouse peace of mind while he’s away from home and getting sober.


To learn more about drug rehab for men in Pompano Beach, contact us with any questions or to get started with rehab right away.


Breaking Free from a Drug Addiction in Pompano

Recovering from a Drug Addiction

You might feel like the idea of quitting a drug is an impossible task, but the fact that you’re looking up drug addiction in Pompano Beach at all shows that you’re more than able to quit via the services offered by a rehab center. The professional addiction recovery specialists at First Step Behavioral Health are more than ready to help end an addiction to one or more of the following drugs and more:

  • Ecstasy
  • Molly
  • Heroin
  • Opiates
  • Opioids
  • Prescription Medications
  • Bath Salts
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Meth

Especially in cases of dual diagnosis (when the patient is addicted to multiple drugs), the care received at rehab makes quitting safer and more reliable than trying to quit on your own cold turkey.

Treating More than the Physical

When you think of withdrawal from an addictive substance, you -like most people- probably only think of the physical effects you will experience when quitting a drug addiction in a Pompano rehab center. There’s more to addiction than that, and the mental addiction to a drug is often more difficult to overcome than the discomfort of physical withdrawal symptoms. This is why rehab at First Step includes a variety of therapeutic sessions designed to help “get over” your drug addiction after detox gets rid of the physical control the drug might have over you.


Continuing Care After Rehab

After going through rehab at our drug addiction treatment facility in Pompano Beach, you -like anyone who has quit a substance- are still at risk of relapsing. To help protect against returning to reliance on drugs after rehab, we also provide aftercare through personal therapy, group meetings, and more. These sessions are very important, especially if you don’t want to have to go through rehab again or feel like your inpatient treatment was a waste due to a relapse.


To start your fight against a drug addiction in Pompano, visit our Contact Us page and get in touch as soon as you’re ready to end the substance abuse in your life.

Why Inpatient Treatment in Pompano Works

There are quite a few different types of drug and alcohol abuse rehab options available, but the most well known of them is inpatient rehab. That is because inpatient treatment in Pompano is consistently effective and is also the type of drug and alcohol abuse most commonly portrayed in entertainment media like in TV shows and movies.


Detox and Getting Away from Drugs

Although it can probably go without saying, one of the most effective parts of inpatient treatment in Pompano Beach is the fact that you are put into a situation where you can’t get the drug or drugs you’re addicted to. This is a remarkably simple thing that most people don’t put much thought into other than their occasional frustrating cravings during detox and rehab, but it’s likely the single most effective part of going through inpatient treatment in Pompano for an addiction to drugs.


Figuring Out What Triggers Your Addiction

Spending time away from drugs and alcohol during rehab is obviously important, but that doesn’t necessarily help very much once you finish your time in an inpatient rehab program. In knowing that addiction is much more than just physical dependency, rehab centers also help patients discover what places, actions and people are part of the reason they abused drugs. Learning how to identify these triggers during inpatient treatment will help you keep away from them and thereby increase your chances of staying sober.


Learn Strategies to Prevent Relapse

Beyond determining your triggers and avoiding them, some of the things learned during inpatient treatment in Pompano Beach are methods for controlling yourself when craving the drug you were addicted to. These techniques are particularly useful, and when you take into consideration that you can’t always avoid everything that frustrates you, annoys you, or otherwise triggers drug cravings, they are also one of the most important things learned about in rehab.


Curious about inpatient treatment in Pompano? Give us a call today to discuss starting one of our rehab programs and find out for yourself how effective our substance abuse treatment can be.

Drug Addiction in Ft Lauderdale is a Serious Issue

These days it seems as though the movie industry more often than not uses drugs and alcohol as either a punch line or as an item to make the user shed inhibitions and just have a great time. What movies often fail to show us is how damaging substance abuse can be on someone’s life. The movies that really do explore the consequences of a drug addiction (like Trainspotting or Requiem for a Dream) don’t ever have a budget as big as the movies that glorify or laugh off the effects of drugs and alcohol (like The Hangover series or The Wolf of Wall Street).


Movies Aren’t at Fault, but Should they Change?

We wouldn’t directly blame movies or media in general for drug addiction in Ft Lauderdale, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an impact. In particular, young viewers are prone to trying a drug or alcohol after they have seen it consumed in a movie or by a celebrity that they view as some kind of role model.

That all being said, it could be argued that the casual use of drugs and alcohol in movies and TV shows is gratuitous. That is especially true when you hold it up to the fact that the United States is in the middle of one of the worst drug addiction epidemics the country has ever seen. On the other hand, movies are an artform – a means to convey stories, feelings, opinions, and more, so even the idea of suggesting they do things differently seems wrong, especially in our land of free speech.


Get Help if You Need It

Despite how easily drug use and abuse can be shrugged off in our entertainment, you -as a real human being and not just some character- don’t have that luxury.

Should you find that a family member’s or your actions are constantly changing to make using drugs or drinking alcohol easier, there’s a good chance that an addiction is either forming or has already taken over. Either way, going untreated with an addiction can lead to serious and permanent health risks, not to mention the possibility of death from accidental overdose.

Drug and alcohol addiction in Ft Lauderdale is a real problem that may require going  to a rehab center. To learn more about addiction, the signs of addiction, rehabilitation after substance abuse, or any other topic having to do with drug addiction and its treatment, use our contact us form or call us at our toll-free number – (866) 319-6126.


How You Can Afford Rehab in Ft Lauderdale

Need rehab but think it’s going to cost too much money? If so, that’s not quite right – there are a few channels you can use to make sure the person in your life who is abusing substances gets the alcoholism and drug addiction treatment that they need. Thanks to misinformed rumors and the way celebrities going through rehab are portrayed on gossip tabloids, those who might need addiction treatment services the most might be avoiding rehab centers in Ft Lauderdale because they sincerely believe treating their substance abuse will cost ridiculous amounts of money.


Rehab is More Accessible than Ever Before

For the most part, the majority of people looking for a rehab center in Ft Lauderdale know of at least a couple ways that can make rehab more affordable. Specifically, most people know (or at least correctly assume) that decent health insurance will be accepted by most rehab centers, which ends up making the cost of rehab in Ft Lauderdale effectively nothing for the person receiving addiction treatment.


Those who don’t have insurance or who have their health insurance through a company that refuses to cover the cost of rehab still have options, too. In these cases, payment plans make paying for rehab significantly easier for the family since the cost is broken up into affordable monthly payments. A lot of people think that insurance or payment plans are the only ways they’ll ever be able to go to a substance abuse rehab center in Ft Lauderdale. However, there is another channel that could be the best for people who qualify.


Rehab Scholarships and Grants

That’s right – there are full and partial payment scholarships and grants available to those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. These primarily come from government programs and organizations, but occasionally private entities offer scholarships to cover the cost of rehab for those who need the financial assistance. In fact, one of the prerequisites we often see on these programs is that the patient either doesn’t have health insurance or has insurance that flat out refuses to pay for their rehab.


To determine if your health insurance will pay the cost of rehab in Ft Lauderdale or if you need to pursue other payment options, contact us at (866) 319-6126 today.


How to Find the Best South Florida Rehab Centers

Let’s get the record straight: South Florida is probably best remembered throughout the country for what it was in the 80s. It was a drug capital, exploited on famous TV shows and movies as a center for classy people and addicts. But fast forward three decades and we haven’t escaped the shadow those years cast. Drug addiction may have been in vogue once, but it is a disease, and must be treated.

People with drug addiction are people in need of help, and rehab centers are the single best way to provide that help. Rehab can be a difficult process for anyone, and it is important that the person suffering addiction gets it as soon as they’re ready to accept help. If you’re fortunate enough to have multiple centers in proximity to your location, ‘shopping’ for the right place can be helpful, but remember that the healing can only begin if they’re in the rehab center.


Family and Group Therapy

One of the greatest comforts to addicts is that they are not alone in their struggle for their life. Many addiction centers have programs for family therapy, which brings the afflicted one’s loved ones in to work through the complex emotions involved in being close to someone who needed help. There are also group therapy sessions, where people with addictions can see others in the exact same situation that they are in, and can find comfort in seeing others braving the process of becoming clean.


Medicinal Aspects of the Healing Process

For hard substance abuse, addicts are even more at risk during the healing process than most others in their situation. Fortunately, there are options even for these difficult cases. Like nicotine patches for nicotine addicts, rehab centers will carry chemicals designed to make the suffering of withdrawal a bit more bearable.


To begin the journey to a life free of substance abuse, contact us at 1st Step Behavioral Health and take the next step in your life.

What are the Stages of Rehab in South Florida?

Whether you or a loved one is going through inpatient rehab, residential treatment, or an outpatient program, there are four main stages of rehab in South Florida and most other detox facilities around the country. While looking up this topic, you may have noticed a handful of articles in your searches saying there are five or six stages (and sometimes even more). However, the additional steps those articles add in are actually just aspects of one of the four we will discuss here.


When heading to the South Florida rehab center you have chosen to receive alcohol or drug addiction treatment at and no matter what kind of program you sign up for, the stages of rehab you will go through -assuming you stay committed to the program- include assessment, detox, rehab, and aftercare. Let’s take a look at what each of these stages entails:



To determine which type of program will fit your needs well, you will go through a handful of meetings, tests and questionnaires during the assessment stage. Expect to see a medical doctor, psychologist, and a therapist who will take your physical and emotional health into consideration when figuring out your best path to sobriety.



The detox stage is the first part of rehab you will go through after being admitted to the facility. Detox (or detoxification) can last for a few days to a month or more. The detox period is done to help make sure the majority of the drugs have left your body.



With the substance detoxed from the body, you can then begin working to rehabilitate yourself. During this stage, you will learn many valuable skills that you will be able to use to lead a life of healthy, responsible sobriety. Along with controlling your cravings, you will also learn about stress management, rehab aftercare, the science behind addiction, and more. Patients going through rehab will be urged, but not pressured, into sharing their stories during group therapy sessions and in one-on-one appointments.



Successfully completing rehabilitation is a huge step in getting clean, for most people it is only the beginning of their journey. Near the end of your time in rehab, you will work on an aftercare plan and schedule. In most cases, those who stick to their aftercare plan go to weekly meetings and share stories and experiences. Other patients may not work well in groups, so their aftercare substance abuse treatment plans will involve more private therapy sessions and writing in a journal to track and reflect on your progress.


If you or a loved one are looking for the best rehab center in South Florida, give First Step Behavioral Health a call today at (866) 319-6126.

What Triggers a Drug Relapse After Successfully Completing Rehab?

We would like to note that relapse is fairly common and those who are experiencing an alcohol or drug relapse in Pompano shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty for the event. Instead, pick yourself back up and dust your proverbial self off. Every relapse and attempt to quit using gets you closer to your goal of sobriety as long as you understand that using again was a mistake.

Old Friends Who are a Bad Influence

More often than not, people who suffer from substance abuse and addiction will have friends who also use the same drugs. In this situation, when one of these people goes to a Pompano rehab center, the other will continue with his or her drug-using lifestyle.

After successfully going through a full rehab program, family and old friends will want to spend time with you and make sure you are doing well. However, if an old friend that you used to do drugs with visits with you, preventing relapse can be an especially difficult task. And that’s just from being around that person. If they offer the drug(s) to you and physically show it to you, keeping from an alcohol or drug relapse is nearly impossible.

Physical and Emotional Issues

This section might just sound like a catchall, but in reality there are a handful of very specific feelings that you need to fight off as best you can. These are hunger, anger, loneliness, and being tired. Keeping on top of being hungry or tired can be as simple as coming up with schedules that you are comfortable with and can adhere to for having meals ready and making sure your head hits your pillow at a reasonable time every night. Loneliness will take a little more effort on your part, but going to scheduled therapy sessions and group meetings offer a great way to spend time with other people who’re in similar situations that you can relate to.

On the other hand, your anger and other similar feelings will be mostly up to you to control. Letting too much negativity in will often lead to relapse in an attempt to feel good. Ex-addicts can quickly end up bargaining with themselves until they believe they have come up with a “good” excuse to use the drug again.  

Learning from Relapse

As implied before, relapsing with alcohol or drugs in Pompano doesn’t mean you have failed in your attempts, only that you’ve had a slight hiccup in your progress. After the relapse, take some time to figure out exactly what triggered such strong cravings. Once you have discovered what the trigger was, make a conscious effort to avoid it at all costs – at least for as long as you think you might be too tempted around it (or him, her, them, etc).

If you or a loved one has recently relapsed, you feel like you will soon, or you have any questions or concerns about alcohol and drug relapse in Pompano, Contact Us and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Many people look for Alcohol Detox Centers Near Me, and we can help you find one.

5 Things to Expect from Drug Addiction Rehab in Pompano

5 Things to Expect from Drug Addiction Rehab in Pompano

If you are scheduled to start at a drug addiction rehab center in Pompano soon, you’re likely curious as to what kind of things you should expect once you check in for the first time. The following is five things that you’ll encounter when in rehab.

1. Detox is Not Fun

Although the drug addiction rehab centers in Pompano and around the rest of the country look and feel a lot like luxury resorts (1st Step Behavioral Health, included), your first days in rehab will certainly not be a vacation. No matter what substance addiction you are looking to break, there are withdrawal symptoms that come both physically and mentally during drug detox.

For example someone fighting alcoholism, which is an addiction that many people believe is easy to get away from, can go through a huge range of symptoms that range from lack of appetite and headaches to grand mal seizures and hallucinations. Like alcohol, most addictive drugs and substances, including medicines that may -or may not- have been prescribed by your doctor will have its own collection of withdrawal symptoms to look out for. Furthermore, it is these severe symptoms that make inpatient rehab treatment much safer for most patients.

2. Help Others with Their Addiction

One thing you probably didn’t consider is that there is a social aspect to rehab. In group meetings and private conversations, you will tell your story and offer other rehab patients kind words and emotional support. By doing so, you will be helping others build and keep the strength to continue with their rehabilitation efforts.

3. Build a Support Network

The people that you help at the drug addiction rehab center in Pompano will also be supporting and helping you, too. Among them, you will forge connections that continue into your life. Together with others who have gone through similar situations as you, you will build a support network that works toward keeping everyone sober. Along with these personal connections, you will also learn about and gain access to substance abuse specialists, therapists, and more.

4. Express Your Thoughts and Feelings

This is the one part of going to a Pompano rehab center that people really get nervous about. They are afraid that they will need to get in front of a big group and gush every little detail about their life and addiction. However, in real rehab, you will only offer information that you are comfortable with sharing. Still, if you’re not comfortable talking about those things at all, you will likely be asked to write in a journal about how you feel and what you’re going through. And, no, you won’t be forced to share the journal entries either.

5. Learn Life Skills

Along with learning a variety of methods to deal with the intense cravings that come with ending an addiction, you will also learn ways to simply lead a better, healthier life. This includes learning about thinks like cooking for proper nutrition, seeking education and employment, and much more. These life skills help patients on a path to fully turn their lives around after having gone through so much difficulty due to an addiction.

What To Do If You Need Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida

What To Do If You Need Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida

No matter what substance you or a loved one is addicted to, it can have a terrible effect on family and friends. When addiction hits at home and either your or a family member no longer seems to have control when it comes to alcohol or drug abuse, it is time to look for substance abuse treatment centers in Florida.

Breaking free from the bounds of addiction to drugs or alcohol can be an especially trying time for friends and family of the patient, and every consideration should be taken to ensure that the patient is cared for in a way that treats their addiction while also offering their loved ones support and education. And as far as addiction is concerned, even the smallest increase in odds for ending the alcoholism or drug problem should be taken advantage of. For those who are looking for a rehab center that covers their needs, there are a variety of things that should be considered during this difficult time.

Family Involvement and Rehab Education

As noted above, someone going through rehab with a severe enough addiction to require treatment will not only be affecting his or her life but the lives of those closest around them. That being the case, the best substance abuse treatment centers in Florida will offer family education programs alongside the drug addiction treatment. Additionally, Florida alcoholism and drug rehab centers may offer family therapy to address and help the emotional turmoil that everyone involved may be going through so they can work on it all together.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Much of the substance abuse treatment Florida has to offer, including that available at 1st Step Behavioral Health, offers drug rehab for those who are addicted to multiple substances at the same time. This can be an addiction to any two substances. These addictions often feed off of each other, making detox, withdrawal, and rehabilitation noticeably more complicated for the patient. If you suspect you or a loved one has an addiction to more than one drug or alcohol, inform us (or any South Florida drug rehab center you contact) of the issue so care can be handled the right way.

Residential Treatment and Outpatient Programs

While it is recommended that most people with a substance abuse problem go through inpatient, or residential, care, it is understood that some people simply can’t break away from the rest of their lives for a period of thirty days or more. Whether this is due to financial concerns, an unhelpful health insurance company, work, or life’s responsibilities, that doesn’t mean that rehab should be ignored. Though it is true that residential rehab programs have been found to be far more successful in ending an addiction, outpatient treatment can still be effective, especially for those who can stand resolute in making their lives and the lives of their friends and families better.

To get started with your journey to lifelong sobriety, please contact 1st Step Behavioral Health right away to ask any questions you might have of the programs we offer and how we can help you and your family get back to living the good life.