Kinds of Therapy in Addiction Rehab

There are many misconceptions about the way rehab is conducted, especially when it’s in regard to the different treatments offered at rehab centers. For the most part, these misconceptions come from the way rehab is shown to be in TV and movies. Whenever rehab plays a role in a movie or show, they almost always show group therapy as the only thing that happens in the rehab center. While the multitude of people who attend group therapy means more interactions to put on film, rehab uses a lot more tools than just talking to a group of people. .


Rehab Therapies

Addiction therapies in rehab at our Pompano Beach facility come in a variety of forms and have varying goals. And, though it’s not necessarily the complete list of therapies that you might encounter during rehab, especially since rehab is so fluid to ensure each patient’s addiction therapy needs are fully met. Some of the most common forms of addiction therapy you may encounter in rehab in Pompano Beach include the following:


Individual Therapy

In rehab, patients will spend a significant amount of time with a therapist to participate in individual therapy sessions. Still, within individual therapy, there are a few different types of therapy used to reach various goals. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help patients better understand and control their thoughts and actions, and motivational enhancement therapy is used to get patients to believe therapy sessions are worth the time invested and that they’re effective.


Group Therapy

Although the introduction on this page might sound critical of group therapy, it is not. In fact, group therapy plays a huge role in rehab. Patients get to know each other and hear others’ experiences about their addiction and more. Likewise, when a patient discusses his or her own stories, it is usually very therapeutic.


Family Therapy

Family therapy is used by rehab centers to help treat relationship issues between the patient and the rest of their family. The issues focused on a generally those that arose during or because of the patient’s addiction.


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How Do You Get Addicted to Drugs?

The biggest misconception about drug use is that only weak people develop an addiction. The truth is, anyone can develop a dependence on illicit substances. So, how do you get addicted to drugs? This is an important question, especially if you’re wondering if you already have a problem.

How Do You Get Addicted to Drugs?

Every drug has psychoactive effects on the brain. Overall, mind-altering substances manipulate the signals between nerve cells. Often, these signals enhance euphoric sensations. Others block negative signals that cause pain.

Over time, these cognitive receptors acclimate to regular drug use. Consequently, you’ll end up needing higher amounts of a drug to feel the same effects. Eventually, you may need drugs to function normally, while feeling little to no euphoria. At this point, you likely have an addiction.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Tolerance is merely one sign of addiction. While you’ll need drugs to feel normal, you might take unusual measures to acquire them. For example, this can involve illegal activities such as stealing or money laundering.

Additionally, using drugs quickly becomes a priority. As such, you may find yourself scheduling daily activities around obtaining your next fix. Therefore, many people with addictions have no desire to hang around sober peers. Eventually, close relationships will suffer.

Overall, a person with drug dependence is virtually unable to stop. This means they may continue using despite health risks, job loss, or legal difficulties.

Visiting Rehab

Conquering addiction is never easy. However, with the right professional help, anything is possible. At 1st Choice Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida, you’ll reach sobriety in a tranquil, rejuvenating environment. Our comfortable accommodations provide a variety of stress-relieving amenities. You’ll be able to focus completely on treatment. Relax, unwind, and heal with our help.

1st Step Behavioral Programs

If you or a loved one shows signs of addiction, get help immediately. Visit 1st Step Behavioral Health for comprehensive programs including:

Residential drug rehabilitation
Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
• Family and individual therapy
Intensive outpatient and outpatient programs
Dual diagnosis treatment
Drug detox

1st Step Behavioral Health understands everyone reaches sobriety in their own, unique way. Therefore, we offer everything from short-term inpatient drug rehab to long-term aftercare. When you’re free to progress at your own pace, the odds of successful recovery are much higher.

Does your addiction control your life? If so, contact us today at (866) 319-6126 to take the next step to becoming a better, healthier, sober you.