Alcohol Rehab in Pompano is Not a Joke

Have you ever thought about how prevalent alcohol use and abuse is when it comes to the movies we watch? When you take into consideration how much of an influence actors have over the viewing public, it can be easy to understand why so many people don’t view alcoholism as a serious condition. Movies like “The Hangover” (and its sequels), “Superbad”, “Spring Breakers”, “Old School”, “Animal House”, and the entire James Bond franchise (and many, many more movies), show drinking -often to excess- to be fun, sexy, cool, or liberating. However, there is nothing trivial whatsoever about needing alcohol rehab in Pompano.


US Alcohol Use Statistics

According to a survey done in 2015 by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a little more than 86 percent of those surveyed said that at some point or another had consumed alcohol. They also reported that over 70 percent of people had alcohol within the last year. Likewise, 56 percent of respondents said that they had drank alcohol at some point within the last month.


Beyond having a drink or two, the survey also reported that more than 26 percent of Americans 18 or older had participated in binge drinking over the last month, with 7 percent saying they used alcohol heavily over that same time period. While nearly everyone has some crazy story about having too much to drink here or there, these drinking statistics are especially scary when you see that there are around 88,000 deaths every year that are related to alcohol. Not only do these come in the form of drinking and driving, but also falls and other injuries as well as simply consuming more alcohol than the body can handle.


Of course, having a drink now and then is perfectly fine for those who can personally limit their intake. It’s when alcohol use disorder (AUD, far more commonly referred to as “alcoholism”) comes into play when drinking stops being fun like those movies show and starts being a very real problem.


Alcoholism and Alcohol Rehab in Pompano

The reality of the situation is that over 6 percent of the adult population suffers from alcoholism. While that might not seem like that big of a number to some people, think about all the people who are directly affected by those alcoholics’ behavior. Additionally, 2.5 percent of kids from 12 to 17 were also reported to have alcohol use disorder as well. And out of all the adults who had alcoholism, only 6.7 percent of alcoholics received any kind of alcohol rehab. Even more discouraging was that only 5.2 percent of those reported youth alcoholics received treatment.


When you compare the reality of death and alcoholism that our society faces, it can be difficult to think of drinking as fun as it’s shown to be in so many movies. If you know someone who has an alcohol abuse problem in Pompano, don’t just shrug it off. Recommend they seek alcohol rehab centers in Pompano or drug and alcohol rehab in Florida before they get hurt or worse.


Pompano Drug Rehab that can help me with addiction

Pompano Drug Rehab | Most Addictive Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are often prescribed to individuals that suffer from illness or injuries. When prescribed by a medical provider, they are perfectly legal. However, these drugs are highly addictive even when they are prescribed by a professional. Many people abuse these drugs recreationally, which eventually leads to addiction. Below are 3 of the most addictive prescription drugs. If you are suffering from an addiction, contact our Pompano drug rehab.


Pompano Drug Rehab that can help with drug addiction


Vicodin is a painkiller that is highly addictive. The prescription drug causes a euphoric state when it’s abused. Also, withdrawal symptoms of Vicodin are extremely dangerous. Once you start taking Vicodin, it might be difficult to stop without professional help.



OxyContin is a popular painkiller choice, especially for individuals that are in need of major pain relief after a serious injury or surgery. When the drug is crushed, injected, or snorted it will give a serious high. Abusing OxyContin often ends fatally.



This opioid is very addictive, even when taken as directed. Demerol hinders the section of the brain that controls pain. However, withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Some symptoms include fever, chills, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression.


Pompano Drug Rehab

Whether you have a drug dependence or severe addiction, 1st Step Behavioral Health can provide comprehensive treatment. We offer a full spectrum of programs and services, including:

  • Inpatient and outpatient programs
  • Sober living
  • Relapse treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Massage therapy

Don’t let a drug problem keep you from living a fulfilling life. Learn how to regain control over your substance abuse with our help. Contact us today at (866) 319-6126 to start your journey to recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida that can help me with substance abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida | Are You Ready for Rehab?

You are aware that your substance abuse has gotten worse, but is it severe enough that you need rehab? The truth is, you don’t need to be physically dependent on a substance to need professional help. If a substance is having a negative effect on your life, it might be time for rehab. Here are a few signs that you should seek help. If any of these signs hit home, contact our substance abuse treatment in Florida.


Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida that can help me with addiction

You Have Driven a Car While Under the Influence

Driving while under the influence is extremely dangerous to yourself and others. If you find yourself making life-threatening decisions, that can harm yourself and others, it’s time to get professional help.


You Have Health Issues Due to Substance Abuse

Substance abuse takes a serious toll on your vital organs and your body in general. If you have serious health issues due to alcohol or drug abuse, your body is telling you there is a problem.


Your Loved One Have Asked You to Stop Abusing Drugs

If your loved one has gotten involved and has asked you to stop using, there’s a reason for it. This is a sign that your habits have affected your lifestyle and your loved ones. If the people that are closest to you are concerned, take it as a sign.


Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida

1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida, has the tools and services you need to beat your problem, once and for all. For more information on our programs and to get started on your transition towards sobriety, contact us today.

Alcohol detox in Coral Springs that can help my parents addiction?

Alcohol Detox in Coral Springs | How to Deal with an Alcoholic Parent

First things first, your parent’s alcohol abuse is not your fault.  if your parents suffer from alcoholism, you need to know that alcoholism is an addiction. Having an alcoholic parent can be hurtful and confusing. So, here are some tips for coping with an alcoholic parent. Also, if you can convince your parent to get the help they need, contact our alcohol detox in Coral Springs.


Alcohol detox in Coral Springs that can help my parent

Don’t Take Responsibility for Your Parent’s Condition

Your parent’s addiction is not your fault or your responsibility. You are not responsible for fixing the problem. The only way an alcoholic can get better is by going to rehab. This is a step no one can do for them, it has to be their decision to take that first step…


Stay Away from You Parent When They Are Drinking

It’s common for people to abuse alcoholic to act out in a violent manner. If you think your parent has been drinking, stay away. Find a safe place to go when your parent seems to be getting out of hand.


Talk to Your Parent About Getting Help

Although you can’t make the choice for you parent about committing to rehab, you can try to help convince them. Show your parent your concerns, that you are worried about them and wish they would get help.


Alcohol Detox in Coral Springs

Is your parent an alcoholic? Seeking treatment is merely a phone call away. 1st Step Behavioral Health in Deerfield Beach, Florida can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. Seek help to overcome obstacles with alcohol and drug addiction now. Contact us today, or call us at 866 319-6126 to begin.

Can First Step Rehab help me with my addiction?

First Step Rehab | 3 Ways to Start a Self-Care Routine

We often times hear about the importance of self-care. There’s an enormous amount of resources out there such as self-help books, online communities, and articles just like this made to help you get out of a rut and live a more fulfilling life. Before starting a rehab program, it is important to invest some time into yourself. In other words, think about creating your own little self-help rehab. Keep reading to find out more about how you can incorporate healthy habits into your routine to improve your life.

Can First Step Rehab help with drug addiction?

Starting With Self-Help

Self-help, also known as self-care, is any activity that we do intentionally in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It sounds fairly simple, but it is often times overlooked. The importance of self-help goes far beyond just having a daily healthy routine. Good self-help is also key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also a major part of your ability to maintain healthy relationships. If you don’t treat yourself with love, you won’t be able to treat others with love.

However, when you focus on yourself what emerges is a person who is visibly vibrant and healthy. From this state of mind and being, relationships thrive, health is improved, life becomes more fulfilling and much more. Whether you’re seeking help for a mental health disorder or addiction, you must start with a foundation of your own “self-help rehab”. In other words, this post is dedicated to you. This is all about you and what you need to develop healthy habits that carry on into tomorrow.

By taking care of yourself, you are building the base of the house. You can decorate the interior all you want, but without a solid structure – the house is going to fall apart. Humans are the same way. We need to nurture ourselves before bringing others in. The ripple effect of this type of action, no matter how small or large, positively impacts your life immensely.

Benefits of Self-Help

If we’re already depleted by physical and emotional exhaustion, it’s much harder for us to tackle any additional stress.  Carving out time to focus on our well being sets us up for resilience. This is why it’s so important for us to create our own self-help rehab.

Taking time out to maintain self-care has several benefits:

  • It Affects Your Physical Health

Self-help can mean making it a habit to go on a brisk walk for 20 minutes a day or get a massage once a month. It could also mean cooking a healthy meal for yourself everyday. All of these actions have something in common: they’re good for you. Benefits could include anything from losing weight to physically feeling more energized. 

  • It Affects Your Emotional Health

Taking time out to care for yourself can remind you and others that you and your needs are important, too. Our emotional state is directly affected by the way we treat our bodies.

  • It Makes You a Better Friend, Spouse, Etc.

People who neglect their own needs and forget to nurture themselves put themselves at risk for deeper levels of unhappiness, low self-esteem, and feelings of resentment.

In addition, sometimes people who spend their time solely taking care of others can be at risk of getting burned out on all the giving, which makes it harder to care for others or themselves. Taking time to care for yourself regularly can make you a better caretaker for others.

  • It Gives You a Break from Stress

Your own version of self-help rehab gives you a mental vacation away from any stress you may be feeling. More often than not, you’ll find yourself to be in a much clearer headspace after.

In other words, it triggers your relaxation response and allows you to come back to your day-to-day  feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  • It Gives You “You” Time

While  people have varying degrees of introversion and extroversion, having some time alone is important for most people’s mental and emotional functioning.

When you’re relaxing on your own, it’s much easier to slip into a state of quiet meditation, enjoy some self-reflection, or let your problems work themselves out in the back of your mind, all while focusing on something more relaxing. 

To get from where you’re at now to where you want to be may seem a little overwhelming at first. We assure you that partaking in your own self- help rehab is a patient, loving process. Even small incremental changes build up over time and can create a lasting impact.


It all begins with coming up with a clear-set goal. You may be in a position where you’re a little confused on where to start or maybe you can vividly imagine what you would like your life to look like and how you’d like to feel. This segways into the next point: start by asking yourself how you want to feel. 

To help with this exercise use your five senses to imagine what this looks like for you. Really put yourself into that moment. Envision the things that would make you happy whether that be being healthy and fit or having long-lasting friendships – even better, dream big! Think about the different areas of your life and what you’d like to experience in each one.

Once you become clear on your goal or goals (changing your job, feeling more energized, finding a partner, eating more nutritious foods) make sure you have it written out and it also helps to acknowledge the reason why you want to achieve this. 

Self-Care Practices

Now it’s time to ask yourself a very important question. What self-care practices do you need to incorporate into your life that will help you achieve your goal? This is the fun part. Now, you get to think of all the creative ways you can incorporate new, healthy habits into your life. In ancient forms of medicine, any illness or discontentment is an indication of disharmony within the body, mind, and spirit. 

If you’re not treating your body well through food and exercise, your mental state will suffer. And if you’re mentally in a painful place, you put your body at risk by creating stress in your life. You learn to respond well to adversity and change when you nourish these different aspects of yourself. Here are some ideas of self-help practices for each expression:


  • Turn off and get away from technology for a few hours a day
  • Read a self-help book
  • Try meditation 
  • Start a new hobby
  • Surround yourself with good, interesting people
  • Go outside and be in nature


  • Wake up earlier
  • Take a warm bath
  • Get a massage
  • Exercise
  • Start cooking healthy meals


  • Laugh more
  • Go outside and be in nature
  • Create a list of what you’re grateful for
  • Find a mentor that you admire
  • Journal and keep track of your thoughts
  • Start partaking in random acts of kindness

Choose one or two from each expression; it can be something more related to your goal as well. Feel free to browse online for more ideas. Start with something fairly simple. If you overwhelm yourself at the start, you may feel a little discouraged.    

Ensuring Success

Think about finding someone to hold you accountable. It can be a friend, coworker or family member who will check-in with you to see how you are doing with your progress. Left to our own devices, it’s easy to let self-care practices fall to the wayside. However, if you have someone to hold you accountable, it’s easier to stick to the commitment you made and why.

Another helpful tip is to put everything into a calendar. Every night, plan out your schedule or simply review it for the next day. This should take a few quick minutes and it helps to mentally start preparing yourself for a good day, full of purpose.

Patience & Adaptability are Key

When thinking about all the changes you have to make in order to make your makeshift self-help rehab work, you may feel a little intimidated. Remember, it’s about the journey just as much as the end result. You may start a hobby you realize you don’t really like or maybe you’ll realize that you’re going to need to change the timing around in your new routine…That’s okay!

It’s really important to be patient with yourself and not give up when you miss a habit or get frustrated. Some days, weeks, months you’re going to feel better than you ever have. Then you may experience a setback because that’s life. However, the setbacks teach your enormously valuable lessons. They give you a different perspective on things and remind you to practice gratitude regardless of the situations in your life.

If you’re experiencing a bump in the road, whether that be because of a mental health condition or addiction, begin with some self-help rehab. Then let us guide you through the rest. We would love to be the ones to help you or a loved one on the road to betterment. Don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 319-6126 or contact us here.

South Florida detox that can help me create healthy boundaries?

South Florida Detox | How to Create Healthy Boundaries

Creating boundaries between yourself and toxic people is a vital part of getting sober and staying sober. Learning how to put up healthy boundaries is benefiting the most important relationship in your life, the relationship with yourself. Here are three tips for learning how to create boundaries in your life. If you are lacking support in your journey to sobriety, contact our South Florida detox center.

South Florida detox center that can help me with addiction

Know Your Values

The first step to creating boundaries is knowing your core values. Once you know what your value is, what’s important to you, and what you are willing to tolerate in relationships, creating boundaries will be simple.


Decide on Consequences

Boundaries are all about honoring your own needs. If someone tries to push your boundaries, that you have established for your own well-being, it might be time to cut ties with that person. This is a consequence of someone not respecting your boundaries.


Stick to Your Word

It’s important to stick to your boundaries, even when tested. For example, if you are in recovery from alcohol addiction and one of your boundaries is to not surround yourself with alcohol, skip your friend’s birthday party that’s taking place at the local bar. Your boundaries and sobriety take first priority.


Contact Our South Florida Detox

Do you suffer from addiction? Or do you need extra support to help you stay sober? Don’t let drugs and alcohol control the life you’ve always wanted. Regain confidence with our help. So, contact us to begin your life-changing journey to sobriety with our comprehensive treatment for addiction.

Pompano drug rehab that can help with addiction

Alcohol Rehab in Pompano | 3 Ways to Prevent Your Teen from Drinking

You may think your teen experimenting with alcohol is inevitable, but as a parent, your influence can have a strong role in your teens’ decisions when it comes to alcohol. Check out these helpful tips to prevent your teen from abusing alcohol. If your teen is addicted alcohol contact our alcohol rehab in Pompano.


Alcohol rehab in Pompano to help with my teens addiction?

Agree on Rules and Boundaries

Make clear and concise rules and boundaries when it comes to alcohol. Often parents think there’s no point of creating rules when it comes to drugs and alcohol because teenage substance use is inevitable. But that’s simply not the case. Communicating clear rules, boundaries, and consequences can make a big difference when it comes to your teens’ choices.


Help Them Say No to Alcohol

Give your teen the tools they need to be assertive and say no in peer pressure situations. Make sure your teen knows that saying “no” to their friend when it comes to alcohol isn’t rude, it is responsible and necessary.


Don’t Let Alcohol Be the Answer to Boredom

Teens often turn to drugs or alcohol out of boredom. Make sure your teens’ life is full of fulfilling activates that occupy their time in a positive way.


Contact Our Alcohol Rehab in Pompano

Does your teen suffer from alcohol addiction? 1st Step Behavioral Health can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. So, Seek help now. Contact us today, or call us at 866 319-6126 to begin.



Alcoholic detox in Coral Springs that can help my loved one

Alcohol Detox in Coral Springs | Things to Remember If You Love an Alcoholic

Loving an alcoholic is a complicated and emotionally draining experience. Whether it’s your best friend, your spouse, or your parents, you’re bound to face challenges and hardships. So, here are four things to keep in mind if your loved one suffers from alcoholism. For help, contact our alcohol detox in Coral Springs.

Alcohol detox in Coral Springs to help with an alcoholic family member

It’s Not Your Fault

It’s common to think that your actions trigger your loved one’s alcoholism. But, it’s vital to understand that alcohol addiction is a sickness, and you’re not responsible for their addiction. Living a healthy and happy life is difficult until you make this realization.


You’re Not Alone

Alcohol is the most common addictive substance in the United States. So, know that you are not alone in having a loved one that struggles with alcohol addiction. There are plenty of individuals that can relate to your hardships, and who can offer support.


Educate Yourself

The more informed you are about addiction, the more you will be able to understand your loved one and be more in control of the situation and your life.


Create Boundaries

Creating boundaries is an efficient way to show your loved one what behavior you are willing to tolerate and not tolerate. Putting boundaries up can be difficult, but necessary to both you, and your loved one’s health.


Contact Our Alcohol Detox in Coral Springs

Does your loved one suffer from alcohol addiction? 1st Step Behavioral Health can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. So, Seek help now. Contact us today, or call us at 866 319-6126 to begin.



Deerfield Beach Reba that can help me with my anxiety and addiction?

Deerfield Beach Rehab | How to Cope with Anxiety in a Healthy Way

40 million Americans are affected by anxiety, making It the most common mental illness in the U.S. Also, Americans often turn to substances to cope with anxiety, which ultimately leads to a very dangerous addiction. So, Below are strategies to help you cope with your anxiety in a healthy way. If your anxiety has led to a substance addiction, contact our Deerfield Beach rehab.


Deerfield Beach rehab to help me cope with addiction and anxiety?


Physical Activity

Physical activity is a healthy way to maintain your anxiety. Exercise is not just about physical health benefits, but also mental health benefits.  Studies show physical activity is a major part of controlling your anxiety as well as:


  • Improving immune system
  • Releases calming neurotransmitters
  • Burns away stress hormones.


Meditation and Yoga

Mediation and yoga is another option for coping with your anxiety. These activities can help you learn healthier breathing methods, which can be beneficial during a panic attack, or during a stressful situation.


Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a big factor when learning how to cope with stress. And, it can help your anxiety in the long run. Surrounding yourself with positive people and working on your general outlook on life can help with your anxiety.


Contact Our Deerfield Beach Rehab

If your anxiety has led to a substance addiction, seeking treatment for yourself is merely a phone call away. 1st Step Behavioral Health in Deerfield Beach, Florida can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. Seek help to overcome your obstacles with alcohol and drug addiction now. Contact us today, or call us at 866 319-6126 to begin.

South Florida Alcohol Treatment that can help my loved one ?

South Florida Alcohol Treatment | Seniors and Substance Abuse

Growing older, and the changes that come with it can be very emotional. Kids moving away, sickness or even death of friends or spouses are all often apart of the aging process. So, a lot of elderly people turn to substances to cope with these major life changes. Also, people over the age of 65 account for 30% of prescribed medications in the U.S. Resulting in elders being at a high risk for prescription drug addiction. If your loved one is a senior that abuses substances, contact our South Florida alcohol treatment center.

South Florida Alcohol Treatment that can help with elders?

Identifying Addiction in Seniors

It’s often difficult to identify substance abuse problem in seniors because a lot of the effects at first glance could just be written off as old age. Such as diabetes, dementia, and depression. So,  If you have a suspicion that your loved one is abusing substances, get help from a professional for a proper diagnosis.


The Dangers of Elderly Substance Abuse

  • Overdose
  • Falls/accidents
  • Cognitive decline
  • Drug addiction
  • Physical health issues
  • Financial problems


Looking for a South Florida alcohol treatment center?

Do you know a senior that is abusing substances? Seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one is merely a phone call away. 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including Inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. Don’t wait for your alcohol use disorder to develop into an addiction. Seek help to overcome this obstacle now. Contact us today or call 866 319-6126 to begin.