Nickolette Moore

Nickolette Moore is an Admissions Coordinator at 1st Step Behavioral Health with over two years of experience in the substance and behavioral health industry.

Nickolette has been in recovery for five years and understands firsthand the challenges that individuals and families face when seeking treatment for addiction and mental health issues. Her greatest accomplishment is giving herself another chance after almost giving up, and she brings this resilience and determination to her work every day. She is driven to work in the field of substance abuse and behavioral health to help others who are struggling and to remind herself of where she came from.

In her free time, Nickolette enjoys reading and photography. One fun fact that not many people know about Nickolette is that she is not Irish. However, her greatest asset as a valued team member at 1st Step is her unique perspective and experience. Having been both a client and staff member, Nickolette has been a part of the 1st Step community for almost seven years and brings a deep understanding of the facility’s culture and values to her role as an Admissions Coordinator.

Jason Agostine

Jason became a part of First Step as a client in 2014. After successfully completing his treatment, he became a member of the staff in 2015 as a behavioral health technician. By the end of 2016, Jason was promoted to the admissions team where he then was able to utilize the tools he learned while under the care of First Steps’ devoted staff. He is now able to impart the things that he learned to other prospective clients and their families giving them hope for a better future through his own experience. Throughout the time Jason has worked at First Step, he has also been a valuable member of the recovering community in South Florida. Coming from Philadelphia, Jason has adopted Florida as his new home and enjoys playing golf, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with his new family and friends.

Lamont Caldwell

Lamont has been working at 1st Step since March 2021 and has worked in the industry for over 15 years, starting with working with youth at shelters in 2006, and later with adults in 2013. Lamont is also in recovery himself, having been sober since October 2019, which he considers his biggest obstacle to overcome. Lamont’s greatest accomplishment is being the first in his family to graduate from college, but his inspiration to work in this field comes from his grandfather, who recovered from heroin addiction after 30 years and graduated with his Masters in Substance Abuse/Mental Health.

In his free time, Lamont enjoys working out at the gym, watching his favorite sports teams, and spending time with his dog Jersey Blu. Lamont is passionate about his work and dedication to helping others. A fun fact about Lamont is that he loves traveling the world and was a groomsman in a wedding in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Hunter Manrodt

As our Director of Strategic Development, Hunter’s primary goal is to create innovative ways to assist individuals and their families to access appropriate methods of treatment. With a decade of experience, he has held roles such as National Director of Business Development, VP of Marketing, and Director of Community Outreach. Hunter’s creativity and experience are pivotal in optimizing our admission processes, data management, alumni coordination, and community outreach programming.

He prides himself in being involved in numerous community coalitions, advocacy projects, and supporting at-risk teens. Hunter has emersed his heart and soul into ending the stigma behind mental health and substance abuse and supports creative ways to help the still sick and suffering addict and
their families daily.

Elliott Stewart

Elliott Stewart has worked in behavioral health for 9 years, 5 of which have been at 1st Step, dedicating his career to helping others overcome their struggles with addiction and mental health.

Elliott is also in recovery himself and has been clean and sober for an impressive 12 years. This personal journey has given him a unique perspective and the ability to empathize with those he works with on a daily basis.

One of Elliott’s greatest accomplishments has been learning to accept life on life’s terms, while balancing work, family, and personal growth. Elliott leads with loyalty and a strong work ethic so you always see him going above and beyond to support his colleagues and clients alike.

During his free time, Elliott enjoys eating fruit, working out, and playing sports.