The right type of drug and alcohol treatment for an individual depends on multiple factors, especially the severity of their condition. Sometimes, it is best for a person to step away from their life so they can focus on healing in a more intense treatment program. That may include seeking out inpatient addiction treatment. This doesn’t mean they are cut off from their family, but rather that they are able to focus solely on their health and wellbeing rather than on other life responsibilities.

Signs You May Need Inpatient Addiction Rehab

The only way to know if inpatient addiction treatment is the best choice for your individual situation is to have a formal assessment done with a therapist and doctor. This will provide the best overall indication of how severe your condition is. However, there are some signs inpatient addiction treatment may be the best decision for your needs.

  • You tried to stop using and could not. If you are unable to stop using drugs when you try to do so, that could indicate that you are facing addiction. Keep in mind that your body and brain are working against you. Inpatient addiction rehab can help you overcome that.
  • It’s not safe at home. You may have an addiction, but your family may not want to give up alcohol or drugs. If it is not a safe, drug-free environment for you, no longer using in that space is hard. Treatment can help.
  • You have relapsed in the past. Addiction treatment works, but only if done consistently and thoroughly. If you have relapsed in the past, you may not have received enough care or the right level of care. 
  • You have a mental health disorder as well. Many people with addiction also have mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. In this case, your treatment needs to include care for mental health and addiction, which is easier to do in a treatment center. 
  • Your use has created health problems. If you struggle with disease development and other complications from using drugs, entering into treatment may give your body and brain time to heal.

How Long Is Rehab for Addiction?

There’s no way to know how long it will take you to work through addiction and start on the path to healing. Many people need 30 days to 6 weeks of care, while others, especially those who have been released before, need longer. The determination of what is best for you comes from the assessment you complete with your treatment team, which is the best way for you to learn what level of care is best suited for your situation. 

How long is inpatient drug rehab for your needs when you have a complicated health situation? It may just take time, and that may mean spending quite a bit of time working alongside your team to ensure you are seeing the health progress you need.

How Does Inpatient Addiction Treatment Work?

Inpatient addiction treatment is a type of care that allows you to work closely with therapists and other providers within a treatment center. You live there for a period of time. You don’t get to come and go but rather stay at the treatment center for some time. During that time, you’ll have ample privacy and lots of free time to do what you like. The rest of the time, you will work with therapists and other providers. Group sessions, individual sessions, holistic treatment programs, and much more are components of your care. You’ll also receive any additional care you need, such as help for mental health disorders, medications, treatment for illness, and all of your needs, such as a healthy diet. You’re not fully cut off from your family, but you are there to work on yourself.

How does inpatient rehab work, though? That’s a common question. Just being there isn’t enough. It’s up to you to participate in treatment and work closely with providers who can give you insight into how to overcome the challenges you’re facing. It works to change the way you think, your dependence on substances, and your overall perspective. You’ll feel empowered.

The goal of treatment is to prepare you for your future. That means no longer using, but it also means no longer feeling unable to control your life. You will also get help to get back on your feet, such as with training for jobs or even educational support. Your therapists will work to make sure it’s safe for you to go home, too. You may receive family therapy as well.

Are You Ready to Seek Help Through Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

If you are ready to learn more about inpatient addiction treatment, and determine if it’s an option for you or a loved one, reach out to a treatment center that can help. Contact our admissions team now or give us a call at (866) 971-5531 

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