What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

When placed into or after choosing to go into a partial hospitalization program, you or a loved one will receive very similar care from what inpatient rehab addicts receive, but once scheduled meetings and appointments are done for the day you will leave the rehab center and resume your life as normal.

First Step is dedicated to helping anyone end an addiction at our Pompano Beach rehab center, and, as such, our partial hospitalization program is quite rigorous regardless of the fact that you would be living at home. When you are placed in our partial hospitalization program, you will come to our Pompano Beach rehab center to go through cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, group addiction meetings, life skills classes, and more. Patients in a PHP usually come to the rehab center five to seven times a week and they often stay on site for up to eight hours.

Who is a PHP Best For?

The partial hospitalization program is in between inpatient rehab and the intensive outpatient program as far as time spent on site is concerned. That being said, PHP is a good option for those who have spent some time in inpatient care and are ready to live at home, and patients who are just starting rehab but have responsibilities that make inpatient care impossible.

Still, the partial hospitalization program is best for those who have excellent restraint as living at home will mean having a way to access the drugs and alcohol.

Other Types of Outpatient Care

Technically speaking, our partial hospitalization program for rehab in Pompano Beach, FL, is an outpatient addiction treatment program, but it is not the only type of outpatient care. Some of the other types of outpatient rehab available include:

And although they might sound like the same thing, intensive outpatient rehab and the partial hospitalization program are substantially different from each other. In PHP, you can expect to spend 30 or more hours a week at the rehab center. On the other hand, patients in out intensive outpatient program will usually spend less than ten hours a week at the rehab center and will only go to the site three or so times a week.

To learn more about our partial hospitalization program or any of our other types of outpatient care, contact us today.

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